Sad. Alone. Upset. Disappointed. Angry. Confused. Scared. Everybody has felt like that before at some point in their lives. What if you feel all that in a single day? What if you wake up one day and everything is working against you? What if everyone agrees one day in upsetting you in any way? Even the brightest day can look dark to you. You don't understand a thing and the only thing that you feel like doing is running to your bedroom, hide under the covers and cry yourself till you fall asleep. Today is one of those days for me. I really cannot wait for the time to go to bed and disappear for some hours.

Sadness. Tears that want to come out endlessly, like the waters of a river when meeting a waterfall. Confusion. Thoughts running wild all over your mind, messing around, making you think stupid things, making you think wrong from others, making you feel even more miserable. Anger. People who think that they know you and judge you without bothering in getting to know you better. Loneliness. That awful feeling of knowing that you are alone, that nobody understands you, and that you are going to be alone still for a long time.

Fear. That scary feeling when you think you have upset someone. So scary when you think you can lose that person. You feel bad and you cannot stop calling yourself "stupid, stupid, stupid". Misunderstandings. Those misunderstandings that appear when you are far away from the people you care. Not knowing. I hate the feeling of not knowing. Ignorance. When people ignore me I feel worse than when they slap me. If you really want to hurt someone, just ignore that person. Being ignored is an awful feeling.

Overwhelming feelings that make me feel miserable. Awful feelings that don't let me smile. Stupid feelings that make me feel it is very dark even under a blazing sun.



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