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"What's wrong?" "I don't know." "Are you OK?" "I don't know." That was the only answer you could give. The truth is that you didn't know what was wrong, but you definitely knew that something was wrong. What can you do when you feel so confused? What can you do when you know that you should change things but you cannot find the strength to do it? What can you do when your feelings make you get in trouble all the time? What can you do when you don't know what to do?

Confusion all around. Confusion all the time. Confusion finding its own way till reaching the center of confusion. Feelings. Confused feelings. Confusing feelings. Feelings that make you feel miserable all the time. Feelings that you cannot understand. Feelings that seem to have a life on their own.

Losing people. Meeting new people. Renewing old feelings. Feeling things you thought were forgotten. Mixing old feelings and new feelings. All you knew was that you weren't sure about anything any longer. When your feelings are hurt, how can you know what you feel? How can you trust? How can you let yourself feel again?

Confusion. That annoying confusion you feel when you know you want to feel and you cannot feel. When you want to feel and you cannot trust your feelings. When you have feelings but you cannot trust others. Protection. You build up walls for protection. Hurt feelings need some protection. Building walls around your feelings. Not letting anyone go inside those walls.

Confusion. Suddenly you meet someone. Confusing thoughts. Confusing feelings. Getting close. Trying to get in. Confusion. You are not sure about anything, but that person is very sure. Trying to make you feel. Trying to make you understand. Trying to make you open the door. Maybe.... Maybe.... What if....? Confusion.

Realization at last. That feeling is fear. Fear of being hurt. Fear of loving. Fear of letting go. Fear of letting others care about you. Confusion? No more confusing feelings. That someone shows you that you can love. Freely love. Forgetting about the past. Forgetting about the ones who hurt you. No more walls. Now your heart is happy. Happiness in the realization. Happiness in the loss of confusion. Happiness in the acknowledgement of that feeling that fulfill you. Love. Honest love. Open love. Free love. Fearless love.

What can you do when you know that you love someone? What can you do when you realize that the someone you love is deeply in love with you? What can you do when you know what your feelings are? What can you do when you know you are in love? You forget about your confusion and you trust. You trust. You are not scared any longer. Now you know you won't be hurt. You are not confused any more.

Confusion. Realization. Don't be confused. Trust and love. You will realize you have more to win than to lose. And you won't be confused any longer.



10/25/2013 9:35pm

Interesting read.


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