As many of you know, I write short stories. Because I like writing. Because I need to write. Because one day without writing a single word makes me feel frustrated. At this moment I am writing on four short stories, and I hope I can finish them along this next week. By looking through my notebooks and notes, I found a little excerpt I wrote some time ago to be included in one of my stories. It was a little text I wrote some months ago after waking up. I had been dreaming about a very special person, and when I woke up the words were in my mind. I took the notebook I always keep on my bedside table and wrote them down. I had forgotten about them till today. I hope you like them.

Waking up in the morning. Waiting for the familiar sound. Mixed feelings. That ticklish sensation in my skin. Impatience... Eagerness... Waiting. Waiting. Those moments when you wish you could connect with a different mind. A different mind? Two people sharing a same soul, do they have different minds? It strikes you like a thunder. Knowing that you are one with another person. One soul in two bodies. So close and so far at the same time. Missing... Missing him so much. Love. Consuming love that eats your old being up. Our lover changes us. The way he looks at me, thinks of me, touches me, loves me, kisses me... All of that changes me. Being a slave for love? Not at all. Breaking down walls. Letting him in. Building a new wall. We are finally one. Our hearts touching each other. Now I am rest. Now I can relax. Now I am happy. I love you so much.

My idea is to develop this into a short story. Please, leave feedback. I would like to know what you think about my little musings.



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