Yesterday I was feeling a bit sad, sensitive, and romantic, and something started forming in my head. This is the rough draft that I wrote while my heart was feeling so overflown with feeling. Please, be kind in your comments, since this hasn't been edited yet. I am offering here a piece of my heart in the same way as it poured out.
How can I say goodbye if you are clawed in the middle of my soul? How can I forget about you if there is no room for anybody else in my heart? Pray, tell me, because I am in distress. I need you, I hate you, I want you, I reject you. I love you. That is the truth. I love you and I am too weak to let you go. I love you and there is nothing I can do to get over you.

Trapped by these feelings, I don't see any future for me. So far away, so close in my mind. What can I do to forget you? Please, tell me, I need to forget you. I need to be myself again. I need my other half of my heart back.

How can I give something that I don't possess? How can I love when I gave all my love to you? What did you do with my heart? You broke it into pieces. Where are the pieces? Help me to put my heart back together again. Please, let me go. I need to rest. I need my heart. I need my soul. Please, help me. Give me my heart back. You don't want it and I long for it. I don't remember how it feels to be warm inside. 

Give me my heart back. Let's replace this pit of tears that is filling its place. Let the tears drown all thoughts of you, all feelings, all the memories. Time heals everything, or so they say. I just wish I could make time go faster. 

OK, these are the words that I needed to write down yesterday. Hope you enjoyed them. Now I have to decide what I am going to do with them. Short story or include them in my novel in progress? Let's see :D



10/05/2013 8:51am

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