Well, today it has been a productive day after all. I have written a whole story (2136 words), I have written my weekly post about Spanish Tapas (223 words), and I am writing this post (391 words). I haven't managed to write any Little Nani story today, but I have planned a new Little Nani adventure to be written tomorrow. I think it is going to be a funny one, and also a good one. I guess that I will get to write around 2500 words on this one, and this story will be the last one in the book :D

It has been also a very busy day in the kitchen. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I have to go to hospital with my dad (routine checkups), so I have had to cook lunch for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Fortunately, I am very organized in the kitchen, so I am able to do several things at the same time, and I planned dishes that I could cook simultaneously in the stove and the oven, so the cooking process of one dish or the other wouldn't interfere in the rest of the meals.

I have also found the time to do some exercise, though I had to stop after 15 minutes due to my painful back. But at least I managed to do some stretching using my big Pilates ball. Tomorrow I have a new session with my physiotherapist, so I hope the pain in my back eases a bit. And once she has fixed my back, I will tell her to set a series of exercises to strengthen my back. I also want to start exercising again in my elliptical bike... summer will be soon here!! :D

Finally, I have news about Little Nani. I finally found an illustrator I can work with. She is Spanish and a very good artist. She sent me a sketch of Little Nani only two hours after me telling her what I wanted. I was amazed, both for how fast she works and for the pictures. They really were what I had in mind for my book!! I want to share with you here one of the sketches she made for me, and the colour sketch she made of Little Nani. I am very happy, but I also want to hear your opinion, dear friends.



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