Clop, clop, clop. The noise was getting nearer. Clop, clop, clop. Nearer and nearer. The little girl was not scared, she was just curious about the noise she could hear. Clop, clop, clop. She wondered what kind of transport could make that funny noise. Suddenly she saw a black figure coming towards her. Really fast. Faster and faster. CLOP, CLOP, CLOP. She thought that maybe it would be sensible to move out of the way of the black figure approaching her, but something told her that everything would be fine if she stood exactly where she was.

"STOP!! Good boy," said the boy riding the horse, since it was a horse what it was making that noise against the dry road. "Hello, Little Nani. Would you like a ride on my horse?" Little Nani looked at her friend, Big Billy, surprised that he was riding a horse. "Where did you find that horse?" "It was a present. My neighbour asked me to help him to do some cleaning in the stables, and when we were finished, he said he didn't want a horse any more. So he gave it to me." Little Nani nodded to show she had understood.

"Do you want to ride the horse with me?" asked Big Billy. "No, thanks, I am allergic to horses" said Little Nani while stroking the horse's head. "If you are allergic, why are you touching it?" asked Big Billy. "Because I like touching horses" said Little Nani, as if it were an absolute truth. "Then why don't you ride it with me?" insisted Big Billy. Little Nani threw at him an exasperated look and said, "Because if I ride it, I will touch it and I am allergic to horses". "But you are already touching it!" said Big Billy. "But I don't want to ride your horse", said Little Nani with a determined look.

At that moment they heard a loud noise, "CRACK!!" After their initial surprise, they realised it was the noise produced by their friend Skinny Nikki when appearing. He didn't like walking like a normal person, so he learnt to appear out of thin air wherever he thought he could be, or at any place where he knew his friends would be. As usual, he was holding his accordion. "Hey!! You got a horse, Big Billy!! Can I ride it?" asked Skinny Nikki. "No, I am asking Little Nani to ride it with me." Big Billy didn't like Skinny Nikki because all girls in the town liked him so much. Skinny Nikki could be always where the girls where, and they liked his sudden apparitions because they found them funny and they could dance while he played his accordion. They were always scared at first, but then they all started giggling and joking with him. What nobody knew was that Skinny Nikki was gay and he didn't like girls at all, but he found it funny to startle them and at the same time to annoy Big Billy.

"But Little Nani won't ride it with you. She is allergic to horses." "Thanks a lot, Skinny Nikki, at least someone listens to me when I talk" said Little Nani while rolling her eyes. "Men!" she thought. "You two, guys, go for a ride with the horse. I want to ride an ostrich" said Little Nani. "Have you got an ostrich?" asked Skinny Nikki with wide eyes. "Of course not! How was I going to have an ostrich? What an absurd thought!!" "But you said you want to ride an ostrich..." "Oh, guys, you don't understand anything. I said I WANT to ride an ostrich, not that I HAVE an ostrich" Little Nani was becoming a master in rolling her eyes. These guys were a bit slow to get things.

Little Nani thought that maybe if they could become adults in a faster way, they would understand her better. However, that was a funny thought since she was only 8 years old and the two boys were 14; but everybody knows that girls are more mature than boys. All of a sudden, Little Nani remembered that she had a magic wand in the pocket of her dress. So she took the magic wand out of her pocket (and we won't explain here how a 15-cm magic wand could fit in a 5x4-cm pocket, but it really fit in).

"Hey, guys, can you look at me for a moment?" she asked to Big Billy and Skinny Nikki. Both boys turned to her, interrupting their interesting conversation about whether it was a sensible thing for polar bears to be white, taking into account that they lived in a white place. "What is that that you got in your hand?" asked Big Billy. "It is a magic wand. Can you two please stand still and in silence for a minute?" said Little Nani. "Are you sure that you know how to use that?" asked Skinny Nikki. "Yes, pretty sure. I took an e-mail course about the use of magic wands and I got this one as a present at the end of the course" answered Little Nani. "Did you pass the course?" asked Big Billy with a raised eyebrow. "No, but it doesn't matter. It cannot be very difficult" said Little Nani with confidence. Both Big Bill and Skinny Nikki looked at each other in horror and turned around to run away as fast as they could. Big Billy tried to ride his horse, but the horse was sitting under a tree reading a Jane Austen book and said "Please, don't bother me when I am deep in my reading".

Big Billy and Skinny Nikki started to run, but Little Nani muttered some words under her breath and pointed at both boys with her magic wand. Everybody could hear a ZOOM!!! and even the horse raised its head for a second from the book to see what had happened. "Ooops!! I guess I cast the wrong spell" said Little Nani with flushed cheeks. "Anyway, every cloud has a silver lining and now I can try something that I had always wanted to do" concluded Little Nani with a wide smile.

She had tried to cast a spell on the boys to make them grow up faster, but she got it wrong and turned them into ostriches. "I always wanted to ride an ostrich.... and now I have two ostriches!!" Little Nani was happy beyond words, and she thought that maybe one day she would get another e-mail from the 'Little Witch Course' and she would be able to know how to turn them back into their original form. She chose one of the ostriches to go for a ride across the corn fields, and the other ostrich sat under a tree with the horse, and started reading a thriller novel. Little Nani thought that maybe the ostrich would get to know some method to kill her or take revenge of her, but right now she could only think of having fun while riding her brand new ostrich.



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