Hello there! To celebrate that I reached 300 fans in my Author page, I am posting here for everybody to read one of the stories that will be included in my second volume of Little Nani's Adventures. I hope everybody like it. Just take into account that I haven't edited it much yet. Please, leave feedback and feel free to share this blog post. Thanks! Much love to all of you!


“Little Nani! Stop that noise!” Horse was very angry. He had been trying to focus on the book he was reading, but he couldn’t. The ploc-ploc-ploc noise coming from the living room was too distracting. “What are you doing?”

“PLOC... PLOC... PLOC...” Horse decided to go to the living room and check what Little Nani was doing, since she hadn’t answered his question.

Little Nani was sitting on the floor, with her back to the door, throwing a rubber ball against the wall, letting it bounce once, and catching it again in her hands.

"Little Nani!" exclaimed Horse.

CRASH! Little Nani was so startled by Horse’s exclamation that she threw her ball with too much strength. Unluckily, the ball bounced uncontrollably and broke a window.

“Look what you did!” said an angry Horse. 

“Look what YOU did!” said Little Nani, jumping to her feet and folding her arms with a scowl on her face. Oh, yes! Little Nani was really stubborn.

“Me? It was you and your ball who smashed the window,” said a very surprised Horse.

“But it was YOU who startled me! You scared me!” said Little Nani, pouting.

Horse thought that, in a way, Little Nani was right. However, he didn’t tell her that. She needed to know that there are certain rules to be respected while being inside the house.

“OK, I am sorry for frightening you. But you shouldn’t have been playing with your ball inside the house. You saw what happened. You broke a window,” Horse explained.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” claimed Little Nani, sorrowfully. After all, Little Nani had a kind heart, and she regretted doing bad things.

“Of course you didn’t. It was an accident. But from now on you shouldn’t play with your ball inside the house,” said Horse, sternly.

“Can I go to play with my ball outside now?” said Little Nani, beating her eyelashes to Horse, who couldn’t help it but smile and give her permission to do so.

Before Horse could even blink, Little Nani was out of the house, leaving behind a trail of bright purple sparks escaping from her tiny pocket. Oh, yes! Little Nani always carries her magic wand around. Oh, sorry, you wonder why Little Nani carries a magic wand? She is a witch! Even though sometimes she causes havoc with it... Oh, well... As they say, nobody is perfect.

So Little Nani found her ball, which had rolled under a lavender bush, and ran towards the corn fields, where she could play with it without breaking anything. While she was approaching the corn fields, she saw that someone or something was already there. She could see some shadows moving among the corncobs. She ran faster, squinting at the shadows, trying to know what they were. But... Wait a minute... Those were...

“Puppies!” Little Nani let out a delighted squeal.

The puppies turned around to look at Little Nani, and they started running towards her, barking happily and wagging their tails as if there were no tomorrow. Little Nani was clapping gleefully and jumping up and down. All the puppies were brown and small; all but one. Little Nani noticed a bigger puppy who seemed to be the leader of the group. This puppy had an amazingly silky black fur and his snout looked like he was always smiling.

So all the puppies surrounded Little Nani, and all of them started greeting her by placing their paws on her legs, on her back, and trying to lick her hands. The puppies were very excited and Little Nani was giggling like crazy.

“Woof! Woof!” barked the puppies. 

“Sorry, what did you say?” Little Nani was a bit confused. 

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” yapped the puppies, licking her once and once again. 

“They want your ball. They love playing with balls,” said a surprisingly deep voice. Little Nani, surprised, looked around, looking for the source of the voice, but she didn’t see anybody. “I’m here. It was me,” said the deep voice. 

“Where?” asked Little Nani, spinning around. The puppies started to imitate her, running in circles while chasing their tails. A furry whirlwind of happiness.

“Here!” Little Nani felt someone was pulling her dress. She looked down and saw the smiley-looking black puppy sitting right there.

“Oh, hello there! I’m Little Nani. Who are you?”

“My name is Deuc. Nice to meet you,” said the black puppy, stretching his left paw to Little Nani, who took it and shook it gently.

“How lovely! How come I can talk to you but I can’t talk to the other puppies?” said Little Nani, looking at the brown puppies, who were chasing one another happily.

“They didn’t care that much about learning how to talk with humans. They are too fond of playing and being lazy,” explained Deuc.

“Oh, that’s too bad! Studying is very important and you can learn about a lot of different things,” said Little Nani.

“I agree, but having fun is important too,” said Deuc. Little Nani was sure that Deuc had given her a wink. Can dogs wink? Little Nani didn’t know that, but she thought that it was too cute.

“Then, let’s have fun!” exclaimed Little Nani. Lifting the ball above her head, Little Nani said, “Hey, puppies! Who want to play with me?”

The puppies, who were small brown spots scattered all over the corn fields, ran back to where Little Nani and Deuc were waiting for them. Their happy barks filled the air, making everybody feel cheerful.

Very soon they all started playing with Little Nani’s ball. They were having a lot of fun, but their joy wasn’t going to last long. The puppies were so excited and enthusiastic that one of them hit the ball with too much strength and the ball flew all the way to the nearby forest, where it landed on top of the highest tree.

The puppies woofed sadly. Little Nani sighed in disappointment. Deuc looked lost in thoughts.

“What a pity! We were having so much fun...” said a dispirited Little Nani. But suddenly her face lit up with the biggest smile ever. “I know! I can climb that tree and get the ball! I love climbing!”

When hearing this, Deuc woke up from his daydreaming state and said, “No! That would be very dangerous. You shouldn’t do it.” 

“OK, but then, what can we do?” asked Little Nani, looking at the poor puppies, who were yelping pitifully while rolling on the floor.

“Don’t despair, my little brothers, I will try to help you,” said Deuc with a booming voice. “I wish I were a superhero. I would be Wonder Puppy, the only puppy who can climb really high trees in the world.”

“Oh, do you want to be a superhero?” asked Little Nani, with the shadow of a naughty smile twitching in a corner of her mouth. 

“A superdog, to be more precise,” corrected Deuc.

“I can turn you into a climbing dog!” said Little Nani, while taking her magic wand out of her tiny pocket.

All the puppies started to jump up and down excitedly at the sight of the shiny star-shaped magic wand.

“You mean you are a witch?” asked a very surprised Deuc.

“Yeah! You could say that,” said Little Nani with a giggle. “If you can be very still for a second, I will cast a spell to turn you into the best dog climber in history!”

So Deuc and all the puppies stood very still, both expectant and curious. The puppies’ tiny tongues were hanging out of their mouths, making them look like they were grinning. Little Nani thought they looked too cute, but she discarded those distracting thoughts from her mind. She needed to concentrate and focus on the spell she was about to cast.

All the puppies, Deuc included, looked mesmerised how Little Nani raised her left hand and flicked her fingers while doing a fancy flourish with her magic wand in her right hand. The starry wand started to shine more and more brightly. Very soon, the light coming from the magic wand was blinding. Deuc and the rest of the lovely puppies closed their eyes while Little Nani started humming something that sounded suspiciously like “Incy Wincy Spider”.

“No wonder,” thought Deuc. “That spider could really climb.”

There was a sudden blast of light, Little Nani stopped humming, and everything was calm and normal again. Well, normal wasn’t quite the right word to use this time...

“Uh-oh,” said Little Nani, swinging her magic wand.

“What happened, Little Nani? Can I climb now? I feel a bit weird, as if my back itches a bit,” said Deuc, trying to have a look at his back.

Before he could do that, he found himself surrounded by all the puppies, who were barking loudly.

“Well, I think you can’t climb, but I am sure that you can reach very high places... The spell didn’t work. I’m sorry,” said a sad Little Nani. 

“What do you mean it didn’t work?” asked Deuc, trying to make the puppies go silent with a stern look. 

“I didn’t turn you into a good climber. Instead, I gave you wings,” said Little Nani, not daring to look at Deuc, waiting for his angry outburst.

“You gave me wings? You gave me wings... You gave me wings!” exclaimed Deuc. He was extremely pleased. He had always wanted to be a superhero, and now he had a very cool superpower.

Little Nani’s face brightened immediately after hearing how excited Deuc sounded. She hadn’t made a mess after all. She sighed in relief while looking at Deuc, who was opening his brand new wings, his silky black wings, and trying to fly a little.

When Deuc managed to have all his four legs in the air, the puppies and Little Nani cheered, squealed, screamed, clapped, bounced, and ran all over the corn fields, just to show how happy they were feeling at that moment.

“Look at me! I’m flying!” shouted Deuc, who roared over Little Nani. Deuc was beyond happy.

“Now you truly are Wonder Puppy, and you can help everybody with your superpower!” exclaimed a delighted Little Nani.

“Yeah! And the first thing I will do as Wonder Puppy will be to recover the ball that got stuck up the tree.” And so he did. He went flying to the top of the highest tree in the forest, flapping his wings rhythmically, while Little Nani and the puppies encouraged him to go higher and higher.

Once Deuc aka Wonder Puppy got the ball and flew down again, all of them were very happy and resumed playing for a little while. Then it started to get dark, so Little Nani had to say goodbye to her new cute friends. All the puppies gave her hugs in their puppy way: rubbing themselves against her legs and licking her hands.

That night, Little Nani slept very well, dreaming of flying puppies and cute superhero dogs. And she knew that Deuc would be her friend forever.



01/17/2013 6:50am

This is amazing and funny as usual! I can't wait to read more Little Nani adventures!

01/17/2013 8:17am

Awww... I loved the story. The wings was a cool surprise:)

Kim Stapf
01/22/2013 11:40am

Awe so cute. Love Duece and what a surprise with the wings..

02/03/2013 7:19pm

I'm always happy when Nani makes a friend :-)

I hope Thunder forgives her.

02/17/2013 10:56am

Thanks, everyone, for reading and commenting :D

04/29/2013 2:43am

Awesome!!! I truly love Nani -- this story is so cute and fun to read. I can't wait to read more of it. *************************************


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