Lots of things have happened since my last update on the whereabouts of Little Nani. The first thing I want to say here is that I am self-publishing my book. And most of you would say, but you had signed with a publisher! Yes, but it happened that it was all a fraud. They just took my money and didn't have any intention of publishing my book. Doing more research about them once I knew this, I discovered that they have been sued lots of times for the same reason, but they dissolve the publishing companies and create new ones under different names.

So beware if someone from SBPRA Publishing tries to contact you, saying that they would be delighted to publish your book because they are sure that your book will be a great success, that they have studied the book markets and your book is the best option, blah, blah, blah... Words, words, empty words. I was naïve and I trusted them. Don't commit the same mistake. If you believe in your book, just go and self-publish it. If it is your destiny to get a publishing contract because someone reads your self-published book and thinks it is wonderful, then it is great. But don't sign with the first one who comes selling you all kind of wonderful dreams. Most of the times, their promises are empty.

But now I am in control. And I love it. I am doing with my book whatever thing that I feel like doing. I formatted it in the best way that I could, I included all the illustrations that I wanted, and I even included extra space so children can draw their own illustrations. I also designed my own book cover!

So everything is ready for publication. Indeed I have already got many copies of my book in my house. I will never forget the first time I held my book in my hands. If you are also a writer, dear Reader, will know what I am talking about.

If everything is ready for publication, why haven't I released it yet? Well, the answer is very easy. Because I am an alien. Yes, an alien. To release my book and make it available for sale, I need an ITIN number, given by the IRS services in the States. Why? Because I am an alien. That's how they call every single person who is not an American citizen. It is taking them forever to give me the number that I need, so they are delaying the release date enormously. I hate that. I was very willing to release my book, and I cannot do it since they don't allow me to do it without the stupid ITIN number.

But this morning I had an idea!

I will turn my book into an e-book! In that way, I can release it before the release date of the paperback version and start promoting it massively so, hopefully, once the paperback version is out, more people would be interested in getting a copy for their kids. So I am going to start the process and, once I find someone to format the e-book to meet the KDP guidelines, it will be released. So stay in tune to know how this idea goes.

But now I want to talk about happier things. For the release of the books, I was thinking of throwing a virtual party, with contests, giveaways, and surprises for everybody. In order to do that, I created some items related to Little Nani. I don't like to call them "merchandising"; I prefer calling them "memorabilia". Isn't it a nice word? Apart from the postcards and mini-cards that I already showed everybody, I have designed....

                     LITTLE NANI DOLLS!!

And I have also designed (after lots of trials and a bit of desperation because I didn't find the words to explain what I really wanted)....

                    LITTLE NANI BOOK THONGS!!!

Sorry, the pic is not very good. The colours of the book thongs are purple, green, pink, and then I asked for pearls too. The charms are a magic wand and a little turtle. A little turtle? Yeah, it is Thunder! I really love these little things I got for my readers, and I am quite looking forward to the day I can finally release my books, have a big virtual party with all of you, and see who will be lucky enough as to get prizes (yeah, more things apart from the ones I am showing here :D).

I also got a Little Nani doll for myself...

Isn't she cute? She will have a place of honour in my school :D Well, this was all for now. Stay in tune for more updates and don't forget to spread the world. Little Nani will be very happy.



09/18/2012 4:03pm

Cinta, I am so sorry these unscrupulous people took advantage of you, but I think in the end there will be a silver lining. I went indie for the control of my product and brand, and the ability to set my own timeline, and I do not regret it at all. I am sure you will have great success on your own terms and I have to say, I am loving the dolls and cute bookmarks. xx

09/18/2012 10:30pm

Thanks, Anne-Marie :D Yes, always a silver lining. Now I know that the book looks like I wanted it to look. No one to tell me how to do things. I love the dolls too! Thanks again!

09/19/2012 12:02am

Oh dear! I didn't know about that! I've heard about these so-called editors in Italy too and I hope you didn't lost too much money.

Your ideas for promoting Little Nani sound great!!! The doll is soooo nice, I want one myself :-D and I'm sure your students will love it in your school.
I can't wait to see the e-book and the paperback book as well (be sure I'll buy them both). How will you sell them? Will we find them on Amazon? I have a good mind to give some friends a copy of Little Nani as Christmas present.

Mary L. Simonsen
09/19/2012 5:27pm

The road to your first book is rarely easy. Wishing you all the best when your book is released. I'll be looking for it.

07/09/2013 2:22am

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