Well, it seems that my last blog post here, complaining about the IRS and their useless way of dealing with aliens made the Universe move and work towards helping me to reach my dream. Last Thursday I got a different phone number, so I decided to give it another go. I dialed the number and, to my surprise, someone answered the call! I couldn't believe it. I was talking to someone! The woman was a bit rude to me, but anyways, I was talking to someone from the IRS! Five minutes later, this woman told me I had got the wrong number, and she gave me a different number.

All my happiness disappeared. I thought that they were going to start again with their game of "let's make Cinta go all over the place, getting nowhere". However, I was feeling good vibes for whatever reason, so I dialed that new number. Second surprise of the day! A woman answered the call! This woman was really nice and she confirmed me that I had got the right number and the right person this time. Hooray!! I felt like crying. So this woman helped me to fill in the required form over the phone, and 15 minutes later I had my own EIN number written down on a piece of paper. I was happy beyond words. I said to the woman I couldn't believe my nightmare dealing with the IRS was going to end. She laughed and said, "Yeah, we can be a real pain." LOL

Anyways, I went to Createspace, wrote the EIN number in the right place and, voilà! My book was available in the store! And then I didn't feel like crying. Then I actually cried. My book was out there for everybody to find it. After months struggling, first with formatting, and then with the IRS, I was thrilled that my book was finally released. It caught me off guard, I guess.

So it is a reality now. My first book is published and for sale. Where can you find my book? You just have to follow the following links:

Little Nani is very happy because now she can spread her magic everywhere. Her biggest wish is to make people smile and laugh. Would you let her enter your lives? She may brighten your day :)



09/22/2012 8:51am

Congratulations, Cinta!

09/22/2012 9:08am

Thank you, Julie!

09/22/2012 10:30am

Cinta, congratulations! It is a great feeling, isn't it? All your hard work, coming together like this ... it's amazing. Well done! (And now I want some cake ...)

Mary Simonsen
09/22/2012 11:00am

A huge congratulations on the release of your book! Wishing you tons of sales!

09/22/2012 11:09am

Congratulations Cinta!! Wishing you and Little Nani much success.

09/23/2012 2:39am

Thanks so much to all of you, David, Mary and Marilou! :D

09/23/2012 9:19am

At last! Welcome to the nightmare edition's world... In which, regardless, it is worth being.

09/26/2012 9:08am

CONGRATULATIONS. I remembered when you got the word for Little Nani's series a few months ago. I know what my little nieces are getting this Xmas.

10/06/2012 2:20pm

Congratulations Cinta! I'm so happy for you.

10/10/2012 2:49pm

Congrats!! :) You know I am very happy for you and for relating your happiness to my sister's one! :)

07/09/2013 2:15am

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