Just a quick post because I feel guilty when I don't write anything in any of my blogs. Since I am very tired and I didn't know what to talk about in a post, I will let you know what I am dealing with these days. I am busy on busy!! Not only my students are approaching their final exams before Easter, but I have to take care of my house and dad, and also keep on writing my Little Nani stories. Sometimes I feel like giving up and just screaming, but don't worry, I am not a quitter. I am an Arian, almost a Taurus, so I am very stubborn LOL :D

Anyway, what am I doing these days? Well, I have been writing more Little Nani stories, and I am happy about the time it is taking me to write them. I think I can have all the stories for the book ready before the summer. I am also writing another different set of short stories, for a next new collection. I am doing several experiments with my writing, and some of them are being posted here and will be posted here for everybody to give me feedback.

Right now I am working on a writing project with D.e.e.L., the writer, who goes by the handle @Deeliopunk in Twitter (follow him and read his blogs, you won't regret that). We are working on a guest post to swap blogs very soon, and we want it to be new, original, unexpected, and a surprise for everybody. I am sure it will be fun for everybody.

Also, I don't let myself forget that I am a bookworm, so I am reading on a daily basis. Nowadays I am reading Poker Face, by Jess Sturman, in order to write a review. So far I am enjoying the book and I think it is an interesting read. You all will know when I am finished, since I will post my review in my second blog.

And that's all for now. Busy on busy. Always the busy bee. Luckily, I am a multitasker!! :D



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