This morning I had a great surprise. Sean and Dan Campbell have already got the parcel with the books they won in the giveaway, and they wrote a blog post featuring my book. I am more grateful for that. Here you can read the blog post, and while you are there have a look around. Their posts are worth a read.

Hello, everyone!

A quick post just to announce that, after a nightmare of a weekend struggling with KDP, since their system wasn't allowing me to save my account information, so it didn't allow me to publish my ebook, I can gladly say that Little Nani is in the process of being uploaded to the Kindle Amazon Store!!

I am very happy! I really wanted to see my book turned into an ebook, because in that way I could make it more affordable for everybody, and I hope I will reach a wider audience. Little Nani wishes to hit as many homes as possible and make as many friends as possible. She loves travelling around!

So the ebook will be available at some point between today and tomorrow, and the final price will be $3.99. Taking into account that the paperback version is $20, I think it is fair enough and all the parties involved can be happy.

I also enrolled the book in the KDP Select program, so I will have free days that I will announce later, once I know when I can do that.

That's it! I just wanted everybody to share my happiness and to know that you can now get my Little Nani home just by clicking one button.