I know I had already said that my illustrator had finished drawing the illustrations for my Little Nani book. Yes, I know. So, don't worry, I won't repeat myself. 

My illustrator is Almudena Romero, and she is a great artist. I am very happy that, by means of a series of serendipitous circumstances, I happened to meet her. When I saw her art, I knew I wanted to see those drawings inside my book. Really, if you are looking for an illustrator, don't hesitate in contacting me; I will happily tell you how you can contact her.

She finished the illustrations and sent them to me via email. I was very happy. Finally I had all the illustrations together. But yesterday, the door bell rang and it was the postman. He gave me a big envelope. When I opened it, I found the original drawings of the illustrations for my book, plus the colour sketch of Little Nani that Almudena kindly gifted me as a reminder of our first collaboration.

In the above picture you can see some of the illustrations (not all, because I want them to be a surprise for all of you who may buy my book). I love the pictures, and I am sure that everybody will love them as they discover them little by little along the book.

So now everything is ready. I just need to send the illustrations to the publishers, so they can start the process of putting the book together. I am very happy and I wanted to share my happiness with all of you.