I haven't been writing here for a while now, and I was feeling bad. The truth is that these last days have been really hectic, with lots of writing to do and lots of reading to catch up with. As many of you know now because I have been telling it both in my Twitter and my Facebook accounts, a publisher got really interested in my Little Nani stories, so I signed a Publishing Agreement with them. That makes me really happy. Regardless of the number of copies that I will manage to sell, I will be happy anyways. My dream was to publish at least one book along my life. Now that dream will come true. That's all that matters to me right now.

So I am very busy working on my Little Nani stories. I have planned to write a set of 20 stories, since I think it is a good number of stories for a children book. Every story will have an illustration, so it will be more appealing to children. The illustrations will be very colourful, since the publishing people told me that they never publish black and white children books; always with very colourful illustrations. That makes sense. Children need colours to feel attracted to a book :D

I am also busy reading books. Nowadays I am reading "A Home With No Roof", by Wayne W. Whicher, a really interesting and surprising thriller. I have many others books waiting for me to read them, especially the ones that are waiting for a review. When I finish reading Wayne's reading, I will be reading "Poker Face", by Jess Sturmann; I am quite looking forward, since after reading the synopsis I really think it is the kind of book that can hook me up from the beginning. I hope I won't be disappointed.

I also beta-read sometimes. I just finished reading a manuscript, and tomorrow I will write the review with my opinions and corrections for the author. I hope they are useful because the story is a good one; it just needs some polishing :D

So this is all I am doing right now (apart from my actual job at my school, my looking after my dad, and my taking care of my house). A busy bee through and through :D



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