Hello everyone!!

A new year begins, and one of the things that I thought I should do along this year is this I am doing right now: creating a blog. What will I write about in this blog? Well, I am going to use this blog to write everything that get inside my head and need to come out, or those things that are already there and are shouting at me every day. I really need to put them in words somewhere, and I chose this blog to write about my thoughts and musings.

My idea is to start a journal-blog, in which I will try to post a daily post about things that happen to me, films I watch, books I read, or simply those things that worry or amuse me. Now that I am writing this, I am thinking that maybe I could use this blog as kind of scrapbook, inserting pics and other things to illustrate the things that happen to me: new people I meet, funny things that happen at my school with my students, meetings with my friends, books that I love, films that I enjoy....

I hope I can create an interesting blog, and I hope you, reader, help me to make this little corner a cosy and happy one with your contributions. Join me in my new adventure! I don't want to feel alone here!

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