Tonight, my blog post is a bit different. I will talk about food today. Yes, you are reading it right: FOOD. All of you know that my biggest passions are books and writing. Well, now you know that my second biggest passions are cooking and eating. Luckily, I have got a fast metabolism, so I don't get fat (or not too much) :D

Today has been one of those days in which I am constantly hungry. I have eaten quite a lot today. I had three toasts, cereals, chocolate milk, and yoghourt for breakfast. While I was waiting for lunchtime, I ate a bunch of strawberries. For lunch I ate lentils soup and fishfingers, and more strawberries, this time with condensed milk all over them. Between lunch and dinner, I have eaten a cheese sandwich, some yoghourt, a bag of crisps, and two glasses of orange juice. And then, all of a sudden, it was dinner time :D

I was very hungry, so I decided to do something a bit more hearty :) I opened the fridge and I saw a bag of fresh spinach, a piece of cheese, and onions. I decided to cook spinach in a cheesy sauce with fried onion and nuts. It was completely improvised, but in the end it was delicious!

There is not real recipe, so I don't know the amounts. I will tell you the ingredients and you adapt the amount to your needs. So the ingredients you will need are:
  • Spinach (fresh ones; don't use the frozen ones because the result won't be the same).
  • Cheese (any type of easily-melting cheese), diced.
  • Milk (like half-cup).
  • Flour (a spoonful or two).
  • Onion (fried till crunchy).
  • Nuts (a handful).
  • Salt and pepper (to your taste).
  • Olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan).
So you put the spinach in the pan with the olive oil and cook on slow fire. When the spinach start to reduce their size, add salt and pepper, and give it a stir. Add the cheese and the milk, and keep on cooking slowly. Once the cheese is melted, add flour and give it a good stir, to mix it all. Finally, when it is almost ready, add the onion (previously fried till crunchy) and the crunched nuts. Mix everything together till the sauce thickens. Now it is ready to serve. Eat hot with garlic bread. Yummy!!
Try this recipe if you wish, and let me know if you liked it as much as I have enjoyed eating it tonight :D

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