It is a truth universally acknowledged that those friends you meet while studying at university are friends forever. When I finished my studies at my High School and passed the examinations to gain access to University, I could only think that none of my former classmates along my four years at that High School were going to take the same studies I was going to take at University. I felt scared, because I am a very shy person and for me it is difficult to make new friends or even to talk for the first time to people I don't know. That summer before entering University, my feelings were in a rollercoaster: one day I was happy for going to University, the next day I was scared of the day I actually had to attend University.

The so feared day of my entrance at the University arrived. I was going to study a BA in English Studies and I was feeling very anxious. What if I failed in my studies? What if I wasn't able to make friends? What if I had to spend those long five years at University all by myself? But very soon my fears were going to disappear. When I managed to find the right classroom, I tried to be invisible, wanting to squeeze unnoticed among people and find a seat. I wasn't going to be successful. As soon as I found a table, a group of students started talking to me, and they were so friendly that I was very comfortable after the first five minutes of starting our conversation. That same day I had met a group of classmates and we all had lunch together, since we had lessons in the afternoon and evening too. Those classmates became very good friends, and I am proud to say that I made lots of good friends while studying at University.

But why am I talking about all this? Well, just be a bit patient with me, dear reader. The fact is that we all spent five great years together, five years struggling to reach our goal, five years helping each other with our studies, five years of little arguments, five years of forgetting of those little arguments in seconds, five years of pure friendship. When those five years were over, each one of us took a different path. Some went abroad and didn't come back; some went abroad and came back, but left our city; some others just chose paths that were not going to cross the others ones' paths. But the truth is that real friendship never ends, and those true friends that you met at university will stick to you till the end.

Now the purpose of this post. Yesterday I had a lunch party with five of those former classmates and good friends that I met while studying at University. Last time I had met them was like 10 years ago, but the great thing is that when we met it was as if we had seen each other the previous day. We are such good friends that we can have a gap of 10 years between one meeting and another, and still we are the same, we like the others the same (or even more), we enjoy together the same, and we feel perfectly comfortable with each other. I feel blessed for having such great friends, and even if we don't meet often, I am sure that they are there for me, I can count on them as well as they can count on me. I am sure that our friendship will never end, because we get along perfectly well. What is the secret? Just accepting each other as we are, not judging, being respectful, and showing that you care. It is not that difficult, and everybody should consider things under that light. In that way, nobody would ever have problems with their friends, if they are true friends.
If you have friends and you feel for them the same friendship I feel for my former classmates, cherish it and look after it. Those are the valuable friends, those are the friends who will be always there for you; stick to them as glue, and you will never get disappointed.

Thanks to my wonderful friends!! Thanks for making me have a wonderful time with you!! You already know who you are.

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