I have met lots and lots of people along my 34 years on this Earth. I have met all kind of people. I have met very different kinds of people. I am a person who always try to be nice and respectful towards the rest of the people. One of my mottos is "be nice and people will be nice". Well, sometimes all I get is "be nice and people will throw shit at your face". Sorry about that. I am afraid this blog post will be satirical and not very nice.

Among all those lots and lots of people I have met along my life, I have been lucky enough to meet a huge amount of people who love books, literature, reading, and writing in general as much as I do. It is inspiring and moving to see how writers help and encourage other writers. It is very nice to feel accepted by a community as large as the Indie community of writers all over the world. I feel inspired and encouraged by most of them all the time. Without them I wouldn't have started to write more seriously, and maybe I wouldn't be about to publish my first book. So most of these Indie authors are very nice, very supportive, and they give good advice. The problem is when you find that some of those Authors are not so kind.

Some authors are just too worried about boosting their own egos and they don't realise that maybe they are hurting people's feelings with their behaviour, attitude, and comments. My mistake was to believe that maybe those egotistical people had feelings towards other people. Definitely they don't feel for anyone but themselves. One of these big-ego persons just told me today "writing matters much more than people's feelings". Excuse me? I would never hurt people's feelings while trying to defend writing. Even if I read a book that is not very good, in my review I try to be constructive. I will say that the book can be improved, but I will say that in a nice way. I don't understand those people who simply say, "Your novel is shit" or "Your writing sucks".

Such harsh criticisms may make people to think they really suck and that they cannot improve. Instead of being so cruel, why not offering good and valuable advice so those not very skillful writers can improve and fulfill their dream of becoming authors? The answer is very easy in my opinion. Big-ego writers think they are the best ever. Big-ego writers don't want other people to succeed, because they think so highly of themselves that think that the rest of the world is not even worth of their advice or kindness. These kind of people only feel good when they have made people feel bad. When they undermine others' confidence, they feel powerful. They think they are always right and they are not humble at all. Humility is a very good feature in a person. Some people just don't even know what that is.

So those people can be quite destructive. They like abusing people. And sometimes those people feel down because of them. I really don't understand those attitudes. It is much more easy and practical to be nice and kind. The reward is better and you feel happier. Be nice and people will be nice. Make constructive comments, and you will be given the same kind of comments. Make cruel remarks, and you will be alone.

I strongly believe in Karma. All those abusive, cruel, big-ego people will get what they deserve eventually. Karma will find them even if they hide under the last rock in the biggest desert. My recommendation is: stay away from these new kind of toxic people. Big-ego people can be very dangerous to be around, mainly if they don't know how to handle that big ego. Period.

6/2/2012 20:26:00

It is so true that people can be very critical and damaging and often I think people don't realise, the kind of people who never look in their rear view to check what kind of mess or devestation they have left behind. I tend to be the type that spends too much time looking in the rear view worrying whether I have impacted negatively on anyone and truly hoping I haven't. I like to think not but sometimes I should probably not worry quite so much as there have been many occassions when people haven't bothered to offer me the same level of care, interest or respect.

Hey ho, move on from these people, they are not worth the upset and, as you say, ultimately they will feel lonely. You can't change others but what you can do is live your life according to your principles and vales and know that you are a good person.

I'm sorry you've had some upsetting times recently, this person is not worth it and if they cause you upset then they have done you a favour by showing their true colours so you can cut them out of your circle, and thereby stop them having access to your life and your feelings.

Jess :-) x

6/2/2012 21:46:24

Thank you, Jess, for the lovely comment and for taking the time to visit my brand new website :D xx

6/3/2012 18:16:57

At last I find some time to visit your new website and the first post I read is this one, so full of truth.
I know what you mean about not constructive comments. They're always really damaging and positive comments are not enough to make you forget the bad ones.
It's sad it's rare to meet someone nice and kind and clever enough to help you improve without hurt your feelings. That's why Indie writers should listen very carfeully to your comments, Cinta. :-D

6/3/2012 18:21:01

Thanks, Irene!

6/3/2012 20:35:15

Well said EVERYONE! A Fabulous site, Cinta. I LOVE it! Best wishes to you...always...MG ♥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ❣♥¸

6/4/2012 03:40:57

Thanks, MG for visiting and commenting on my blog :D


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