As most people know, I am Spanish. Yes, Spanish, and to top things, I am from the South of Spain, the most stereotyped part of Spain. So in this blog post, I am going to try to set some etiquette rules when you are talking to a Spanish person. I am tired of having to fight or block people because they annoy me with their stereotypical comments about my country and me. I am a bit tired of people thinking that Spain is almost an illiterate country, almost belonging to the Third World. When I talk to people from a different country and culture, I try to avoid stereotypes and I focus in knowing the person. You all can learn a lot while talking to a person from a different country and culture. I have lots of friends all over the world, and it is great fun to get to know their customs and their different ways of thinking about different things.

So, what kind of things can make us Spaniards very upset and make us think that the other person is being offensive? Let me list them, since there are a LOT of things I want to talk about here.

First of all, see the pic at the beginning of the post? Well, we only wear that dress in the South of Spain, not EVERYWHERE in Spain. And we only wear that kind of dress ONCE A YEAR, when we celebrate our traditional parties. So the image of the Spanish woman as the woman I picked for the image is WRONG. As for me, I am not very fond of our traditional dress, so I avoid wearing it at all costs. Don't mention this topic to me unless I bring it up if you don't want to be in trouble.

Second, not everybody in Spain likes bullfighting and loves bullfighters. Indeed, there is a very high percentage of people in Spain who wants the abolition of that badly-called "party". I hate bullfighting. I think it is torturing the poor animals. When people assume that I like bullfighting, I see red. So avoid that topic too.

Third, I have not slept a siesta in my whole life. NEVER. So forget about the thought of Spanish people being lazy and looking forward to the siesta time because that is not true. Lots of people don't sleep a siesta. And when they do, it is mostly during the summertime, and only because at that time it is too hot outside as to be doing something else.

Fourth, it is true that the English level in Spain is very low. Not many people can speak proper English, so communication is almost impossible most of the time. But that doesn't mean that Spanish people are illiterate, as some people have been saying. Unluckily, our educative system has never been focused in learning foreign languages till quite recently. Our children are becoming more and more skillful in English every day, but the rest of the adult population doesn't know how to speak in English. However, I repeat, that doesn't turn us into illiterate people.

Fifth, I have piece of news for you. Here in Spain.... people work! Yes! We have jobs! So we don't have time to be partying all the time, as lots of foreigners think. It is outrageous when British, Australian, and American youngsters come here to Spain to get drunk and party non-stop, just because they think that's what we do. Obviously, the image we display is horrible. But it is not the Spaniards who are partying in those images! They are the foreign tourists! So when I go to Twitter, I say "I am tired", and someone says "Too much party?", again, I see red. Try to avoid those comments when talking to me. I am not a party girl. Only 2 or 3 times a year, maybe. I prefer a quiet night with friends, eating, drinking, and having fun while chatting.

Sixth, Spain is bigger than what you think. We cannot go from the South to the North "trekking on a mule" (as someone said to me this very morning). Hello? Spain is not ALL rural zones. We have cities. A LOT of cities. And roads, and trains, and even airports. Quite a bunch of airports indeed. But, riding on a mule? First of all, you cannot ride a mule because they won't let you; you can try, but you will end up in a hospital, with a broken arm, a broken leg, or even with a very sore bum. What we ride, occasionally, are DONKEYS! However, let me tell you that we prefer using our cars. And for your information, I have a sport car, so I don't need a mule, a donkey, or a horse. Those animals are only used in certain rural zones, mainly for agricultural purposes. Another reason why we avoid those animals is because it is VERY expensive to take care of them. In comparison, a car is cheaper.

And I think that for today it is enough. I cannot remember more things that piss me off as far as my country and the misconceptions that people from outside Spain may have. So keep it in mind, if you want to really annoy and piss off a Spaniard (in this case, ME), go ahead and make any comment regarding one of these topics to me. You will see my reaction, but I cannot promise that you will like it. So this is all. However, if you have any question or want to add something, don't hesitate to do it.