I have met lots and lots of people along my 34 years on this Earth. I have met all kind of people. I have met very different kinds of people. I am a person who always try to be nice and respectful towards the rest of the people. One of my mottos is "be nice and people will be nice". Well, sometimes all I get is "be nice and people will throw shit at your face". Sorry about that. I am afraid this blog post will be satirical and not very nice.

Among all those lots and lots of people I have met along my life, I have been lucky enough to meet a huge amount of people who love books, literature, reading, and writing in general as much as I do. It is inspiring and moving to see how writers help and encourage other writers. It is very nice to feel accepted by a community as large as the Indie community of writers all over the world. I feel inspired and encouraged by most of them all the time. Without them I wouldn't have started to write more seriously, and maybe I wouldn't be about to publish my first book. So most of these Indie authors are very nice, very supportive, and they give good advice. The problem is when you find that some of those Authors are not so kind.

Some authors are just too worried about boosting their own egos and they don't realise that maybe they are hurting people's feelings with their behaviour, attitude, and comments. My mistake was to believe that maybe those egotistical people had feelings towards other people. Definitely they don't feel for anyone but themselves. One of these big-ego persons just told me today "writing matters much more than people's feelings". Excuse me? I would never hurt people's feelings while trying to defend writing. Even if I read a book that is not very good, in my review I try to be constructive. I will say that the book can be improved, but I will say that in a nice way. I don't understand those people who simply say, "Your novel is shit" or "Your writing sucks".

Such harsh criticisms may make people to think they really suck and that they cannot improve. Instead of being so cruel, why not offering good and valuable advice so those not very skillful writers can improve and fulfill their dream of becoming authors? The answer is very easy in my opinion. Big-ego writers think they are the best ever. Big-ego writers don't want other people to succeed, because they think so highly of themselves that think that the rest of the world is not even worth of their advice or kindness. These kind of people only feel good when they have made people feel bad. When they undermine others' confidence, they feel powerful. They think they are always right and they are not humble at all. Humility is a very good feature in a person. Some people just don't even know what that is.

So those people can be quite destructive. They like abusing people. And sometimes those people feel down because of them. I really don't understand those attitudes. It is much more easy and practical to be nice and kind. The reward is better and you feel happier. Be nice and people will be nice. Make constructive comments, and you will be given the same kind of comments. Make cruel remarks, and you will be alone.

I strongly believe in Karma. All those abusive, cruel, big-ego people will get what they deserve eventually. Karma will find them even if they hide under the last rock in the biggest desert. My recommendation is: stay away from these new kind of toxic people. Big-ego people can be very dangerous to be around, mainly if they don't know how to handle that big ego. Period.

Hello, everyone!!

It has been some days since my last blog post and my fingers were already feeling itchy with the need to write something here :D Today I am going to suggest some books that, in my humble opinion, everybody should give them a try. Either if you are looking for a weekend read, a book to read at nights before going to sleep, or a book to spend the idle hours on a train or in the Tube, I guess I will bring here enough books as to you choose the one that most suits your purpose or taste. So let's start!

Gray Justice and Gray Resurrection, by Alan McDermott (@Jambalian) >> If you love gripping thrillers that will keep you reading and reading for hours, these two are the books for you. In Gray Justice we get to know Tom Gray, an ex-soldier who suffers the worst loss a man can have: his son is killed by a recurrent criminal, and his wife dies shortly afterwards. He decides to take revenge taking into account that the British Government is quite a mess as regards those matters. Follow his adventure while his path crosses the one of a terrorist group. It is packed with action and unexpected twists. All those unexpected things go on in the sequel, Gray Resurrection, where we see Tom Gray in a new thrilling, fast-paced adventure in which he will face things from his past. Tom Gray is a modern hero, and one you don't want to miss. You can find both books in Amazon.

Black Beast and LOST, by R.S. Guthrie (@rsguthrie) >> Both the first book and the sequel feature Detective Bobby Mac, another one of those new heroes you don't want to miss. These thrillers are packed with supernatural events and suspense that will keep you glued to your seat till you are finished. Bobby Mac will discover that his ancestors had secrets that maybe it was best to keep hidden. But now that everything is let loose, what can he do to solve things? Follow his adventures and troubles along the two books, and you won't regret your choice. Available in Amazon.

Amelia's Story, by D.G. Torrens (@Torrenstp) >> This book is a bit different. It is not a thriller, like the others above. This is a wonderfully told story of survival. The inspiring, true story of the author, and how she managed to survive to abuse by her mother, to living in different childcare institutions, and finally to other disagreeable circumstances. It is heart-wrenching and sad, but the message is a positive one. It shows you how you can survive to everything just by pursuing your dreams and never giving up. If you want a true story, this is the book for you. And the sequel will be released along this month, so that's another reason for reading this book first. Available in Amazon.

Blissfire, A Story Collection, by D.e.e.L (@Deeliopunk) >> This is a collection of 10 stories. All of them present us different situations in which the main character struggles to get his bliss, even if you have to suffer great pain to get it. Beautifully written in a very poetic tone, these stories make the perfect read for a rainy day, cosily curled up in a couch and enjoying a nice warm cup of tea/coffee. The stories will hook you up from the very beginning and you won't regret the decision of reading it. Available in

Pokerface, by Jess Sturman-Coombs (@JessSturman) >> This book is a YA crossover thriller with a lot of suspense in it. The main character, Ruby Palmer, is a very feisty teenager whose life is a mess. She tries to improve her life by starting to work for a law firm, but the truth is that things get even more messy and dangerous there. I won't tell you more. If you want to know what happens with Ruby, go and look for this fantastic and entertaining book. Available in Amazon.

OK, so by now, these are my recommendations for this weekend. If you have other books that you think I should read, just let me know. I am always glad to read new books (even though my TBR list is huge and huge and huge) :D But there is no such a thing as too many books.