This is going to be one of my most honest and uncensored blogs ever, so be prepared. It is not going to be a nice post. It will be even upsetting, so if you don't want to be upset, stop reading now. If you decide to go on reading, you may know more things about me and about why I don't like Christmas... at all.

Not everybody know this, but I am an adopted child. Only some people know because, obviously, I don't introduce myself as "Hello, I am Cinta and I am an adopted kid." Anyways, I am an adopted child and I was adopted when I was 12. So for about  8 years before that my life was like hell. Everybody say that Christmas are happy times for children. I only remember one happy Christmas during my childhood; after that Christmas, everything changed dramatically and my dislike of Christmas started as soon as I was 7.

I was born to a single mother who never cared about me and my siblings. I used to live with my grandmother and those are the only happy times I can remember as a child. Then my mother met a man, and he introduced him to us as her boyfriend. We left my grandmother's house to go to live with this man... and we started to go through hell. He seemed to be a nice man, giving presents to me and my siblings, taking us to the park, joking, playing with us, and being a lovely person... until we were in his house. Then this man showed his true colours.

Christmas was getting nearer and nearer. I was almost seven years old. One day, I asked a very innocent question, "Can we go to the shopping centre to look at Christmas presents?" I didn't see the blow coming, but it knocked me off my chair. The next thing I remember is that I was locked up in my bedroom, without any food or water, for the rest of the day and night. He yelled terrible things at me, and I couldn't understand what I had done so bad as to deserve that. And I couldn't understand why my own mother hadn't defended me. So that Christmas we didn't celebrate anything and we didn't get any present.

Next year, this man decided that it was going to be better for his job to move and go to another city. A city that was in the opposite part of Spain, so I wouldn't be able to be close to my grandmother, the only person who showed me some love at that time. I didn't expect any love from my mother by that time. We moved to Barcelona during the summer, just to find out that the job he had been offered had been an empty promise. So we were in Barcelona, jobless, homeless, and without no prospects whatsoever. The most sensible thing would have been to come back to Huelva, but this man said he was going to find a job there. We went to live at a hostel, and thus my nightmare started. 

A new Christmas was approaching. This man had no job still, we hardly ever had food, and my mother had started working in a brothel. Sounds sordid, doesn't it? That wasn't the worst... I was only seven years old, so I committed again the mistake of asking what we were going to do for Christmas. This time he didn't hit me. This time he decided he wanted to have some "fun". So that very day he started to sexually abuse of me almost on a daily basis. What about my mother? Well, she used to hold me still when I started kicking to try to avoid the unavoidable. This happened for two years. Two long years in which I lost my childhood.

After that, I tried to kill myself in two occasions, almost always when Christmas was coming. Finally I found the strength to tell my neighbours about what happened to me and my siblings and I were sent to a children's home. When I was finally adopted 3 years later, I started celebrating Christmas again, although they are not happy times for me. However, when my mum (my adoptive mum, the one I consider my REAL mum) died five years ago, all my wishes to celebrate Christmas died as well.

Now you all know. So, taking into account that lots of bad things have happened to me during this time of the year, don't expect me to be happy or to wish to celebrate Christmas in a jolly way. I am sorry for this horrible rant, but I really needed to say it out loud. And the fact is that now I am feeling better.

Some time ago, the very nice Calinda Be told me about this Blog Hop event and asked me if I was interested. Well, I am always interested in getting involved in things that imply either writing or talking about writing, so I said yes. It has been fun to answer this questions, but at the same time it has been a bit difficult too. Some questions are hard for me: a one-sentence synopsis? Please, I am a chatterbox, how am I suppose to sum up a whole novel in just one sentence LOL Jokes apart, it has been a pleasure to be part of this Blog Hop event.

Now for the Rules:

***Answer the ten questions about your current WIP (Work In Progress) on your blog

***Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.

***Thank the person who tagged you in this Blog Hop.

It’s that simple.

Thanks Calinda Be for tagging me!

Ten Interview Questions for My Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your WIP book?
Wired to You.

Where did the idea come from for the book?
The idea for this book came from my own experience. After finishing a long relationship, I felt I needed to write about it. So this book is a semi-autobiographic love story, based on facts about my real life that I am turning into fiction.

What genre does your book fall under?
Romance (but I am trying it not to be a piece of chick-lit).

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
The male protagonist is Italian, so I think that Gabriele Rossi would perform that role just perfectly well.
As for the female protagonist, and taking into account that it is a semi-autobiographical story, the actress would have to perform the role of me. I really don't know which actress I would choose to be me in a movie, but I think it would need to be a really independent and spunky actress.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A romantic story about two people whose hearts belong to different parts of the world, and who will fight against everything to make their love succeed.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I’m about 7K words into my first draft, which I started for NaNoWriMo last year. I hadn't worked a lot in this novel since other projects were keeping me busy and I kind of forgot about this story, but I am hoping to finish it next November, since I will participate in NaNoWriMo once more.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I wouldn't like my novel to be similar to any other, but I guess that sometimes that is very difficult to achieve. We cannot control people thinking that our books reminded them a certain novel or story. But maybe I would compare this story to Danielle Steel's books (I hope I didn't sound too pretentious :D)

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
As I said before, this book has been inspired by my own story. It is semi-autobiographical, so the background of the story is real. My own love story and later break-up made me think that maybe I should write this book. I consider it like a kind of therapy. It is my way of closing that door to my past.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
People who like romance will like my story. Especially people who like romance that is not the conventional love story. I am trying to make it as original and different to the rest as possible. There are more and more long-distance relationships, so maybe people can be interested in reading a story about one of those relationships.

Next up I tag:

All of you know that I started the Meet the Author series, so everybody can know more things about different Indie Authors. Well, today I am featuring Scott Morgan and, while talking to him, he kind of convinced me to answer the same questions for his blog. So that is why I answered my own questionnaire and I am a guest blogger in Scott's blog today. Have a look, and you will know lots of things about me that you didn't know.
As most people know, I am Spanish. Yes, Spanish, and to top things, I am from the South of Spain, the most stereotyped part of Spain. So in this blog post, I am going to try to set some etiquette rules when you are talking to a Spanish person. I am tired of having to fight or block people because they annoy me with their stereotypical comments about my country and me. I am a bit tired of people thinking that Spain is almost an illiterate country, almost belonging to the Third World. When I talk to people from a different country and culture, I try to avoid stereotypes and I focus in knowing the person. You all can learn a lot while talking to a person from a different country and culture. I have lots of friends all over the world, and it is great fun to get to know their customs and their different ways of thinking about different things.

So, what kind of things can make us Spaniards very upset and make us think that the other person is being offensive? Let me list them, since there are a LOT of things I want to talk about here.

First of all, see the pic at the beginning of the post? Well, we only wear that dress in the South of Spain, not EVERYWHERE in Spain. And we only wear that kind of dress ONCE A YEAR, when we celebrate our traditional parties. So the image of the Spanish woman as the woman I picked for the image is WRONG. As for me, I am not very fond of our traditional dress, so I avoid wearing it at all costs. Don't mention this topic to me unless I bring it up if you don't want to be in trouble.

Second, not everybody in Spain likes bullfighting and loves bullfighters. Indeed, there is a very high percentage of people in Spain who wants the abolition of that badly-called "party". I hate bullfighting. I think it is torturing the poor animals. When people assume that I like bullfighting, I see red. So avoid that topic too.

Third, I have not slept a siesta in my whole life. NEVER. So forget about the thought of Spanish people being lazy and looking forward to the siesta time because that is not true. Lots of people don't sleep a siesta. And when they do, it is mostly during the summertime, and only because at that time it is too hot outside as to be doing something else.

Fourth, it is true that the English level in Spain is very low. Not many people can speak proper English, so communication is almost impossible most of the time. But that doesn't mean that Spanish people are illiterate, as some people have been saying. Unluckily, our educative system has never been focused in learning foreign languages till quite recently. Our children are becoming more and more skillful in English every day, but the rest of the adult population doesn't know how to speak in English. However, I repeat, that doesn't turn us into illiterate people.

Fifth, I have piece of news for you. Here in Spain.... people work! Yes! We have jobs! So we don't have time to be partying all the time, as lots of foreigners think. It is outrageous when British, Australian, and American youngsters come here to Spain to get drunk and party non-stop, just because they think that's what we do. Obviously, the image we display is horrible. But it is not the Spaniards who are partying in those images! They are the foreign tourists! So when I go to Twitter, I say "I am tired", and someone says "Too much party?", again, I see red. Try to avoid those comments when talking to me. I am not a party girl. Only 2 or 3 times a year, maybe. I prefer a quiet night with friends, eating, drinking, and having fun while chatting.

Sixth, Spain is bigger than what you think. We cannot go from the South to the North "trekking on a mule" (as someone said to me this very morning). Hello? Spain is not ALL rural zones. We have cities. A LOT of cities. And roads, and trains, and even airports. Quite a bunch of airports indeed. But, riding on a mule? First of all, you cannot ride a mule because they won't let you; you can try, but you will end up in a hospital, with a broken arm, a broken leg, or even with a very sore bum. What we ride, occasionally, are DONKEYS! However, let me tell you that we prefer using our cars. And for your information, I have a sport car, so I don't need a mule, a donkey, or a horse. Those animals are only used in certain rural zones, mainly for agricultural purposes. Another reason why we avoid those animals is because it is VERY expensive to take care of them. In comparison, a car is cheaper.

And I think that for today it is enough. I cannot remember more things that piss me off as far as my country and the misconceptions that people from outside Spain may have. So keep it in mind, if you want to really annoy and piss off a Spaniard (in this case, ME), go ahead and make any comment regarding one of these topics to me. You will see my reaction, but I cannot promise that you will like it. So this is all. However, if you have any question or want to add something, don't hesitate to do it. 

I have met lots and lots of people along my 34 years on this Earth. I have met all kind of people. I have met very different kinds of people. I am a person who always try to be nice and respectful towards the rest of the people. One of my mottos is "be nice and people will be nice". Well, sometimes all I get is "be nice and people will throw shit at your face". Sorry about that. I am afraid this blog post will be satirical and not very nice.

Among all those lots and lots of people I have met along my life, I have been lucky enough to meet a huge amount of people who love books, literature, reading, and writing in general as much as I do. It is inspiring and moving to see how writers help and encourage other writers. It is very nice to feel accepted by a community as large as the Indie community of writers all over the world. I feel inspired and encouraged by most of them all the time. Without them I wouldn't have started to write more seriously, and maybe I wouldn't be about to publish my first book. So most of these Indie authors are very nice, very supportive, and they give good advice. The problem is when you find that some of those Authors are not so kind.

Some authors are just too worried about boosting their own egos and they don't realise that maybe they are hurting people's feelings with their behaviour, attitude, and comments. My mistake was to believe that maybe those egotistical people had feelings towards other people. Definitely they don't feel for anyone but themselves. One of these big-ego persons just told me today "writing matters much more than people's feelings". Excuse me? I would never hurt people's feelings while trying to defend writing. Even if I read a book that is not very good, in my review I try to be constructive. I will say that the book can be improved, but I will say that in a nice way. I don't understand those people who simply say, "Your novel is shit" or "Your writing sucks".

Such harsh criticisms may make people to think they really suck and that they cannot improve. Instead of being so cruel, why not offering good and valuable advice so those not very skillful writers can improve and fulfill their dream of becoming authors? The answer is very easy in my opinion. Big-ego writers think they are the best ever. Big-ego writers don't want other people to succeed, because they think so highly of themselves that think that the rest of the world is not even worth of their advice or kindness. These kind of people only feel good when they have made people feel bad. When they undermine others' confidence, they feel powerful. They think they are always right and they are not humble at all. Humility is a very good feature in a person. Some people just don't even know what that is.

So those people can be quite destructive. They like abusing people. And sometimes those people feel down because of them. I really don't understand those attitudes. It is much more easy and practical to be nice and kind. The reward is better and you feel happier. Be nice and people will be nice. Make constructive comments, and you will be given the same kind of comments. Make cruel remarks, and you will be alone.

I strongly believe in Karma. All those abusive, cruel, big-ego people will get what they deserve eventually. Karma will find them even if they hide under the last rock in the biggest desert. My recommendation is: stay away from these new kind of toxic people. Big-ego people can be very dangerous to be around, mainly if they don't know how to handle that big ego. Period.

Hello, everyone!!

It has been some days since my last blog post and my fingers were already feeling itchy with the need to write something here :D Today I am going to suggest some books that, in my humble opinion, everybody should give them a try. Either if you are looking for a weekend read, a book to read at nights before going to sleep, or a book to spend the idle hours on a train or in the Tube, I guess I will bring here enough books as to you choose the one that most suits your purpose or taste. So let's start!

Gray Justice and Gray Resurrection, by Alan McDermott (@Jambalian) >> If you love gripping thrillers that will keep you reading and reading for hours, these two are the books for you. In Gray Justice we get to know Tom Gray, an ex-soldier who suffers the worst loss a man can have: his son is killed by a recurrent criminal, and his wife dies shortly afterwards. He decides to take revenge taking into account that the British Government is quite a mess as regards those matters. Follow his adventure while his path crosses the one of a terrorist group. It is packed with action and unexpected twists. All those unexpected things go on in the sequel, Gray Resurrection, where we see Tom Gray in a new thrilling, fast-paced adventure in which he will face things from his past. Tom Gray is a modern hero, and one you don't want to miss. You can find both books in Amazon.

Black Beast and LOST, by R.S. Guthrie (@rsguthrie) >> Both the first book and the sequel feature Detective Bobby Mac, another one of those new heroes you don't want to miss. These thrillers are packed with supernatural events and suspense that will keep you glued to your seat till you are finished. Bobby Mac will discover that his ancestors had secrets that maybe it was best to keep hidden. But now that everything is let loose, what can he do to solve things? Follow his adventures and troubles along the two books, and you won't regret your choice. Available in Amazon.

Amelia's Story, by D.G. Torrens (@Torrenstp) >> This book is a bit different. It is not a thriller, like the others above. This is a wonderfully told story of survival. The inspiring, true story of the author, and how she managed to survive to abuse by her mother, to living in different childcare institutions, and finally to other disagreeable circumstances. It is heart-wrenching and sad, but the message is a positive one. It shows you how you can survive to everything just by pursuing your dreams and never giving up. If you want a true story, this is the book for you. And the sequel will be released along this month, so that's another reason for reading this book first. Available in Amazon.

Blissfire, A Story Collection, by D.e.e.L (@Deeliopunk) >> This is a collection of 10 stories. All of them present us different situations in which the main character struggles to get his bliss, even if you have to suffer great pain to get it. Beautifully written in a very poetic tone, these stories make the perfect read for a rainy day, cosily curled up in a couch and enjoying a nice warm cup of tea/coffee. The stories will hook you up from the very beginning and you won't regret the decision of reading it. Available in

Pokerface, by Jess Sturman-Coombs (@JessSturman) >> This book is a YA crossover thriller with a lot of suspense in it. The main character, Ruby Palmer, is a very feisty teenager whose life is a mess. She tries to improve her life by starting to work for a law firm, but the truth is that things get even more messy and dangerous there. I won't tell you more. If you want to know what happens with Ruby, go and look for this fantastic and entertaining book. Available in Amazon.

OK, so by now, these are my recommendations for this weekend. If you have other books that you think I should read, just let me know. I am always glad to read new books (even though my TBR list is huge and huge and huge) :D But there is no such a thing as too many books.

Toxic people. You can find toxic people everywhere, since they are highly infectious and they can crawl into every empty space they may find. Beware of those toxic people. They will try to make you feel bad. They will try to steal your life, your friends, your sanity, and even your most private thoughts.

Toxic people. I have found lots of toxic people along my life. Some were more toxic than others. They get into your life and seem to be nice and sweet, but indeed they are just trying to find a weakness about you. They just want to know what can hurt you the most. And when they know what your weakness is, they use it as a weapon against you.

Any time that I meet new people, I always try to be nice to them. Mainly because I don't know them, and I want to create a good first impression about me. And also because I like treating people in the same way as I want to be treated. Some toxic people think I just do that to get friends and then I stop being nice. That's not true. I am not perfect, because I have a lot of defects, but I never try to control people, and I never gossip about people. I am NOT a toxic person. The person who says that IS a toxic person, trying to undermine my self-confidence. Trying to make other people stop liking me. Sometimes I wonder why those toxic people always want me to lose my friends. In a way, I am grateful to them, because since they talk to my friends and tell lies about me, I can know who my real and loyal friends are. When I see people stop talking to me, or just stop being there for me, I know they have been convinced to do so by one of those toxic people. Even though it upsets me a lot at first, then I realise that if they were so easily convinced that I am not a good person, then they weren't real friends. But it upsets me that there are people around there bothering my friends and telling them to stop being my friends, gossiping and telling lies.

Last Friday, a very good and dear friend told me that one of those toxic persons had sent her a private message, telling her her reasons for not following me any more, and saying that I was always interrupting her conversations, being unkind, and making nasty comments. I am very lucky because this friend didn't believe her. And I am lucky too because I keep some of the mails by this toxic person; with those mails I can prove that it is she who was being nasty to me. In those mails she is gossiping about other people, even though I never encouraged her to do so. This toxic person is a woman, much older than me, and who I thought was a good person. Obviously, she was trying to catch me in her net. Her toxic net. She made me join some groups, who were supposed to be groups of people talking about books, but indeed they were all the time gossiping about others and having fun of other people. That was the first sign. That made me cringe and I left those groups.

And she talks about others' private lives in public places, without being ashamed of doing so. She talked about one of my friends in a public forum, talking about his bedroom life. The rest of the people in the forum had a great time having fun at this man. She didn't say his name, but he said the country where he was living, so it was pretty clear who she was referring to. I felt outraged and I left that group too. I don't want to be close to toxic people.

And that's why she doesn't like me. Because I don't do as she says. She likes controlling people. She likes stalking people. She is clearly obsessed with some men in the Twitterverse, and if I were them, I would be worried. She is clearly a trouble-maker, and on top of that she thinks she is better than everybody else. I have read recently a post she wrote for another person's blog. By reading that, everybody can get the impression that she is a poor woman who has had a tough life, so everybody should pity her. Beware!! Beware of the person who wants to appear as pitiful in front of others! She is toxic, she is infectious in a bad way, and she will drag you to her insanity.

She made me feel very bad last Friday, but in the end I decided that feeling bad is what she wanted me to feel, so I thought about it and decided I wasn't going to let her make me feel down. Now I am stronger. It is too bad that we have to grow stronger just because there are people harming us. We learn through the hard way, but I guess that's good, since we get to be stronger than we were previously.

I don't want toxic people in my life. I want people who can teach me good values, and who can help me to grow as a better person. I am glad I happened to meet wonderful people along the years, but in a way I am also glad I met those toxic people, since they help me to grow as the kind of person that I am today. And they provide good material for the evil characters in my stories LOL

Just a quick post before going to bed. My list of books to be read is getting bigger and bigger every day. Why? Because I don't stop buying books! :D So I buy books at a faster speed than I read them. Right now I have got 265 books in my Kindle. I have read some of them, but I still have a long way to go to read them all. And don't forget the many books I have to read that are not e-books. My bookshelves are packed with books that are waiting patiently for their turn to be read by me. When I enter my bedroom I can almost hear them saying "Me! Me! Choose me!", but I cannot read them all at once :D

Nowadays I am reading "Poker Face" by Jess Sturman (@JessSturman in Twitter); I am truly enjoying it and I am almost done with it, so I will post the review very soon in my blog ( Next in my TBR list is "Gray Resurrection" by good friend Alan McDermott (@Jambalian in Twitter); I have been quite looking forward to the launch of the sequel to his first book. If you don't know Tom Gray yet, you better look for "Gray Justice" and give it a try. It is really worth the effort of reading and you will love it. So I will be reading it as soon as I finish "Poker Face".

Then it will be the turn of reading all three books by Melissa Foster (@Melissa_Foster in Twitter). Everybody is talking very well about them, and after having read some reviews and some synopsis, I really think that I am going to love them. "Megan's Way", "Chasing Amanda", and "Come Back to Me" will be books 3, 4 and 5 in my reading list right now :D

And now I am off to bed, to see if I can finish reading the book before I fall asleep. Have a good night everyone!! xx

Today it has been a very long day. It doesn't help knowing that the Easter holidays are so close, because that means that my students are feeling very stressed and nervous, and they make me feel nervous too. For those who don't know yet, I teach English at all levels, since my school is devoted to giving tutoring lessons to all those students who may need a little help to study and pass the subject. Since I help them when they are stuck in their study of English, they always look at me as the one who can make the miracle of making them pass their exams. Sorry, guys, I don't believe in miracles... I just believe in hard work.

Mondays are always a relaxing day, since I just have to teach for two hours. But today I had to teach for five long and tiring hours, since most of my students are  having their exams before their scheduled study time with me. Meaning that we had to change days and hours. Meaning that I have to work extra hours. On a Monday. Yes. Yes, I said Monday. So I started teaching at 4pm and finished teaching at 9pm.

From 4 to 5 it was the hour scheduled for teaching my 11-years-old. Only one girl came to the lesson today, so it was quite relaxing. I had already gave her some activities to do, so she went on doing them. I am very happy with her. She is so clever that I only need to teach her the lesson once. I may add that I am not teaching her the contents of her level. I am teaching her the contents she will be learning next year, when she enters High School, so she is ready for that challenge.

From 5 to 6, my 16-years-old students came. They are having an oral exam next Thursday, so we have been practising conversation. We have been talking about sports, movies, and things they like to do in their free time. This hour was very good too.

From 6 to 7, it was the turn for my 14-years-old students. They are having an exam tomorrow, so we  have been busy revising the whole hour and taking a mock exam, to see if they had understood the grammatical concepts. This hour was stressing, since one of my students didn't seem to understand the difference between using TOO and ENOUGH, so I had to explain once and once again till he finally said he had understood it. When they left at 7, I was starting to have a slight headache.

From 7 to 8, my 12-years-old students arrived to revise for their exam next Wednesday. I love them, but sometimes they can be a pain in your.... ahem, you know what I mean. They like saying to me that they haven't understood just for the pleasure of seeing how I change my explanation once and once again. Finally, they always say "don't worry, we understood the first time you explained it". At moments like that, I really feel like killing them... Anyways, as I said, I love them, so I cope with everything. When they left, I was definitely having a headache.

From 8 to 9, my 13-years-old students. My biggest challenge. One of the boys have been my student since the last 5 years, and you know what they say "Familiarity breeds contempt", or as I say "Familiarity sucks". The fact is that this boy and I get on so well with each other that he thinks I have to admit any kind of behaviour. He is quite a hyperactive boy, and sometimes it is quite difficult to keep him still, but along the years I have learnt how to deal with him. Today he was in one of those days in which he likes disrupting with witty remarks to make the others laugh. I was so tired and my headache was getting worse every second, so I shouted at him. I don't feel happy about that, and I will apologise as soon as I see him again, but at least it worked. I have never shouted at him before, so he got so impressed that he was quiet the rest of the lesson. So in the end I could finish all the revision work I had prepared for them and they are quite happy since they think they will do fine in their exam.

So when I arrived home (finally!), I just wanted to have my dinner and get some rest. I helped my sister to put my dad in bed and we had our dinner. I have watched some TV (watching The Big Bang Theory relaxes me), answered some mails, and written this post. I wanted to work a bit more in my Little Nani stories and in my Top Secret Groovy Cool Adventure with Dan (@Deeliopunk), but right now I am going to bed. Tomorrow it will be a new day. Tomorrow I will write more.

Tonight, my blog post is a bit different. I will talk about food today. Yes, you are reading it right: FOOD. All of you know that my biggest passions are books and writing. Well, now you know that my second biggest passions are cooking and eating. Luckily, I have got a fast metabolism, so I don't get fat (or not too much) :D

Today has been one of those days in which I am constantly hungry. I have eaten quite a lot today. I had three toasts, cereals, chocolate milk, and yoghourt for breakfast. While I was waiting for lunchtime, I ate a bunch of strawberries. For lunch I ate lentils soup and fishfingers, and more strawberries, this time with condensed milk all over them. Between lunch and dinner, I have eaten a cheese sandwich, some yoghourt, a bag of crisps, and two glasses of orange juice. And then, all of a sudden, it was dinner time :D

I was very hungry, so I decided to do something a bit more hearty :) I opened the fridge and I saw a bag of fresh spinach, a piece of cheese, and onions. I decided to cook spinach in a cheesy sauce with fried onion and nuts. It was completely improvised, but in the end it was delicious!

There is not real recipe, so I don't know the amounts. I will tell you the ingredients and you adapt the amount to your needs. So the ingredients you will need are:
  • Spinach (fresh ones; don't use the frozen ones because the result won't be the same).
  • Cheese (any type of easily-melting cheese), diced.
  • Milk (like half-cup).
  • Flour (a spoonful or two).
  • Onion (fried till crunchy).
  • Nuts (a handful).
  • Salt and pepper (to your taste).
  • Olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan).
So you put the spinach in the pan with the olive oil and cook on slow fire. When the spinach start to reduce their size, add salt and pepper, and give it a stir. Add the cheese and the milk, and keep on cooking slowly. Once the cheese is melted, add flour and give it a good stir, to mix it all. Finally, when it is almost ready, add the onion (previously fried till crunchy) and the crunched nuts. Mix everything together till the sauce thickens. Now it is ready to serve. Eat hot with garlic bread. Yummy!!
Try this recipe if you wish, and let me know if you liked it as much as I have enjoyed eating it tonight :D