Saint Valentine's Day. Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time when people start feeling more romantic than the rest of the year. The time so much desired by chocolate makers :P Yeah, this Valentine Day I am single, so, please, allow me being a bit ironic. Now seriously, it is a lovely time of the year, but I really wish that we could extend the loving feeling to the rest of the year. Showing love for others should be done on a daily basis, not only on February 14th. Share the love, spread smiles, be kind, and say I LOVE YOU at least once a day. You will feel wonderfully well at the end of the day.
Now for this post. When Rob Guthrie suggested me that we could swap blogs, I felt completely happy and honoured. And when we started talking about it and we agreed to do it on Valentine's Day, I really felt very excited. For people that normally read my stories, they already know that I write about love sometimes. But I felt really curious about what a thriller author could write about the topic. Being Rob, I was sure that it was going to be something superb. I have written a kind of story for his blog. You can read it in his blog Rob on Writing. In exchange, he has written a poem for my blog. Yes, a poem!!!Rob Guthrie is the fantastic author of Black Beast and LOST, both thrillers belonging to the series of Macaulay Clan novels. He is the creator of the incredible Detective Bobby Mac. You don't want to miss his books. I will just add that he is as wonderful a friend and person as he is a superb writer. I feel humbled that he is sharing some romantic writings with all of us through my blog. This piece of writing came naturally in poem form, as it is the most used form to express love feelings. Neither of us can avoid being drawn to use poetic language when talking about love, so it is normal that Rob ended up writing such a lovely piece. So enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed sharing these feeling with all of you. Thank you, Rob, and in the most Austenesque style I have to say to you that "I feel much obliged to you for being so kind as to write this delightful poem for us" while curtseying graciously before your wonderful art.
By R.S. Guthrie
Lost, then found.
As went our hearts,
So then, too, our souls.
Cautious at first, yes,
But exciting, those trepidations.
Thoughts of the future
So new; unencumbered
By the hurt and silence
Of the past.Together, forever.
Not often do two hearts
Find matching souls.
When ours met,
Complacent, yet
Yearning for something more,
Wanting, needing, dreaming
That old dream; unfulfilled
By the waking past.Laughter, we shared;
Love came naturally.
Your smile felt warm
My hand on yours
Preordained.Secrets were made,
Friendship came naturally.
The heat in your beating heart
Because of me;
The magic in my voice
Because of you.Two peas
One mold
Joined hearts
Shared soul

Neither needed more
Nor ever promised less;
Perfectly in love.

So why, then…

Why did you leave?



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