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Following with my series of guest authors and bloggers, today I want you all to meet Davee Jones. Davee writes romance and erotic romance stories and books. I read one of her stories and I really liked it. Now her other two books are in my TBR list, waiting for their turn to be read and reviewed. But enough from me. Let's see what Davee Jones has to say about her experiences in becoming a published author and her reflections on writing.

Reflecting on the past year, it is amazing how quickly things changed, but, seemed like it took forever. So many things have happened, and it's been a great ride. I gladly take the good with the bad, because I do not learn anything without every moment. 

It was a year ago that I was in the big middle of publisher rejection letters. I painstakingly scoured the internet looking for publishers, studied submission requirements, and prepared countless query letters. I personalized each query letter and every time I hit the send button, I let out a heavy sigh. 

No, this is not an easy business. 
But, if it was easy, would it serve our purposes?

Writing is an art form and a catharsis where we funnel our stresses and pour our deepest emotions out in the form of the written word. While we know every WIP is not a literary masterpiece, we hope it holds value. 

And, it does hold value, even if only for ourselves. 
Not everyone else is going to view it as an amazing, life-altering read that forever changed their lives in some phenomenal way. 

In order to be successful, authors must swallow that pride and bury the ego and think of their readers and appreciate their reviews and comments--both the good and the bad. Learn from your readers-that's how we improve and provide a meaningful story for our fans. They are investing their time and money to read something we wrote, we must appreciate that. 

One other piece of advice is about our "community" of writers. When we view everyone as competition and refuse to support, inspire, and even promote a fellow author, we do ourselves a grave injustice to our hopes of a successful literary career. Get on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media with the intent to greet someone, promote someone ,and share anecdotes that do not include an ulterior motive or promo. You will make great friends and guess what? They will do the same for you in the future. 

Back to my intro, yes, after a heartbreaking number of rejections, I captured the attention of a publisher and got a contract! Matter of fact, I've now had three contracts. 
Yes, perseverance pays off, my novice career is proof of that. It began with erotic romance, but, I have other genres in the works- Thriller/Suspense and Young Adult. 

Now, marketing and selling, That's a whole other blog....:) lol, but, here is a little of my experience:
I sent out over 250 review queries, requests for publicity, etc. I received less than ten replies back.  Yes, I said less than ten. I sent a letter to each and every newspaper in Oklahoma (my home state in the USA) and got ONE solitary reply back. I personalized every submission query, DO NOT Bcc these things to a mass audience. You will not receive a reply. You must demonstrate you researched who you sent the query to, let them know you took the time. Yes, it will take you hours upon hours, but, the few replies you receive back will be worth it.
Nothing worth having in this life is really easy, so, you gotta roll up those sleeves and get after it.
Meet me!
Davee Jones 
My books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing

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My genres: Romance, Erotic Romance, and coming soon, Thrillers and YA -- blog ---Amazon author page --- Barnes & Noble author page -- @finlessbook --- Twitter -- Finless daveejones --- Facebook

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Finless Book Blurb:  
My second published book, Finless, released in early April by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP).  Finless is an erotic romance of 193 pages riddled with BDSM. It is a M/F storyline. Before you groan in angst at yet another "book on the bandwagon", akin to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, please entertain my promise this book is nothing common or trite. I attempt to present graphic imagery to take my readers not only to the scene in the book, but, hope they will develop their own personalization of it in their mind. I also write to appeal to both genders. My novel is a type of Black Swan meets Fifty Shades of Grey. I have a sequel in the works, Finless Too, to further explore the character's lives.

The story connects fish, BDSM play, spirituality, sexuality, and the extreme decisions in the lives of the books’ protagonists to meld one story of tremendous revelations. Finless includes descriptive scenes of rhythmic caning, bondage, almost violent expressive dreams, and other explicit content. The message of the book intends to reach out positively to anyone, regardless of their proclivities, who may feel inept, unworthy, untrusting, or lost in their existence.

Short Bio:
Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government. The dryness of the day to day assignments fostered the desire for her to do something more creative. Because writing was always a passion, she used every opportunity to journal and create fictional worlds with her words. She began writing short fiction and books, inspired by the events around her.
Now avidly writing, in the little spare time she has, she has several other books in progress. She has books that draw from eroticism, romance, suspense, drama, and sometimes comedy. A few of her books garner only one flame, but, others will secure all five flames in the heat index.  Pen Name:  Davee Jones

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WOW! A pleasure to discover more about Davee Jones. I'm sure her work must be very interesting due her vast experience. Thanks for sharing and wishing you & Davee much peace and prosperity.

06/11/2012 1:08pm

Thank you for reading and commenting, MG! Yes, her stories are interesting.


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