This last month I started my new series "Meet the Author". I had a very good response from all my writer friends and I got overwhelmed with lots of requests to be part of my series. As a consequence, other writer friends asked me to do interviews for their blogs. I was glad to accept the offer and it was fun to ask the questions that the different authors asked me.

The first one who managed to make me answer an interview was Scott Morgan, and he was cunning enough as to make me answer MY OWN interview LOL Check his blog to know a bit more about me while I answer my own questions: Write Hook.

The next amazing author and friend who was so kind as to want to host me in her blog was Amber Jerome-Norrgard. She is very dear to me, so I obviously agreed to answer her questions. I had real fun answering her interview. Check it out in her blog Life As Amber Knows It.

And last but not least, today I got interviewed by fellow writer Kevin Rau in his blog. Didn't you know that I am freaky enough as to like superhero comics and stuff like that? Read my interview for Kevin and discover more things about me. Check 


09/01/2012 2:48pm

Wasn't it fun doing all those interviews? For my Web site interview, I let you talk to yourself and formulate your questions, answers, and angle of approach. Isn't that nice of me? Whenever you're ready, you can proceed without worrying about superheroes, or others making decisions for you. ;) I enjoyed reading the interviews you took part in.

09/01/2012 3:00pm

Yeah! It was really funny :D And yes, you are too nice for letting me rant in your blog. You must know that I can be quite a chatterbox, but this time you are lucky since I don't like talking about me so much :D But I think it will be interesting to write that "Backstory post" for you :D


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