Hello, everyone! Thanks for popping over my blog once more. Can you believe it? I am introducing here the 5th part of my joint writing adventure with D.e.e.L (@Deeliopunk on Twitter; go there and follow him NOW, not later or tomorrow, NOW, you hear me?). 

It is amazing to see how our stories have turned into two so different things, taking into account that we started the series with the same characters and the same plot points. However, being two different writers, from two different countries, from two different age range, with two different writing styles, it is not such a big surprise. But you know what? It is real fun and it is very interesting to read these stories.

I am always looking forward to reading a new installment written by Dan. His stories are always great, and you just want more and more. So today we are introducing a new installment of our Groovy Cool Adventures. As usual, you can read his story here and you can find my story in his blog.

You can also find more of his awesome and fascinating stories and poems in his Tumblr blog. Oh! I almost forgot! Stay in tune for GCA6 because we may have an important announcement to make. Now enjoy this wonderful new story by D.e.e.L (remember his name, he will be very famous one day).

                          Unknown Band 5
                          By: D.e.e.L

“No, no you…you got to drive the tiny car…here…take, here, my keys.”

“That’s your car, Slappy! It’s your bucket and I believe in you! Take…take your keys back! I don’t want them in my pocket!”

The bartender; he, rips^our glasses away, not even finished; both of us `still thirsty, I drink some and leave, but none even there. 

“Where are we even headed? I thought chicken was on their menu?”

“It was, but it’s been hours, kid. No way in hell, not a chance they’re still there. 

We walk, probably even talk, though neither of us can tell the difference between when and who. 

“Where have you two been?”

“Yea, we’ve been waiting outside for you guys on that bench. Were you both about to just leave without us?”

“It’s been like sixty hours, we thought you would be gone home or something.”

“It’s been an hour and a half, and you both reek.”

“New cologne the kid and I are giving a try. Like it?”

“You both are disgusting.”

“And you…like…you look like a both! Cus you’re fat!”

“kid, that, that was just bad.”

“You’re not fat, KT.”

“Thanks, Janine.”

She flips her favorite tune, damn those fingers are quick. 

“Well, who’s failed their driver’s test with the least mistakes?”

None raise their hands. There is a reason I always walk. 

“Are we almost there?”

“Boy, I don’t even know where the hell it is we are headed.”


Mike nudges me. Whispers a reminder about the letter. My drenched mind begins to clear up. The boy, so young, but his past is just filled with so much. Can the letter be trusted though? What do we even know about this Ruff? He’s been jealous of the boy for so long. Would he create lies to gain his sisters trust once more?

“Slappy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing, nothing, don’t worry about it.”

The words from the letter scar my mind as I recite them over and over, endless. 

“He’s drunk. Let’s leave them and go somewhere else.”

“William! We can’t just leave them. Slappy has been helping us with our band.”

“What band? We don’t have a band! This drunk has done nothing but kill balloons and turn this other failure into an even bigger failure!”

Not even a second slips the hands of time once the final curl of his tongue completes his idiotic thoughts passes before I find myself looking down upon him on the floor once more. 

“Words. I once thought you to have a way with them. Though now, I see they have become your enemy once more. Did I have a drink? No. I had a ton of them. Can I still see the world around me? Sure, but it doesn’t make a damn lick of sense. Everyone sobers up, boy, some quicker than others.”

His second eye patch will teach him to stop believing everything he sees. Some need the lesson. 

“Slappy! What’s your problem?!”

“Calm down, he’ll wake up soon enough.”

“Janine, let’s get William and get out of here.”



They prop the boy up with his arms over their shoulders. They walk away.

“What now?”

“We walk.”

I begin walking and the kid gets knocked in the head with something, slams face first into the ground. I look behind him to see fast fingers flickering through the air once more; a broken electronic tree saving book reader lying in pieces next to his skull. 


I cram him into the tiny car. Head down the road a bit to a new freak show, walk inside. 

“What brings you in here?”

“My feet.”

“You always this clever or only when you’re in character?”

“Something dark, mix it with half of glass of something clear. No ice.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

I pull the letter from my pocket and glance at it once more.

“So, you got a name?”

“Sure do. Do you?”

“Ha, more jokes, guess I shouldn’t have asked, but since you did, it’s TwoSaw.”

“Terrible name.”

“Yours any better?”


“Once again, guess I shouldn’t have asked.”

She’s cute. 

“So now that we’re aquainted, and seeing as I’m a bartender, which is slang for ‘psychiatrist for the poor’, you got any skeletons in your closet you feel like sharing?”

“No, but I might have a dead kid in my trunk.”


“I think I saw him twitch, no worries.”

“I’ll take it that you’re joking. Not going to pry too much deeper into your mind though. Need another drink?”

“Not too many shiny coins left in my shoes.”

“This one is one me. What you reading?”

“Some letter.”

Without me handing it to her unwillingly she just grabs it without my will.

“Where did you get this?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Do you know William?”

“I know a boy, might go by that name.”

“We have to find him! Where is he?!”

“The tracker I had on him broke. Let’s go back to my lab and build another one. Your teleporter working?”

“Listen, Slappy…you bring me to this kid NOW or I spread your ashes over this bar counter and poor cheap rum all over you.”

“You been reading my Will?”

“This isn’t a joke, Clown!”

“Listen…I got rules. But if something else happens to hit you then it isn’t my fault.”

She looks at me, attempting a puzzled look, but her scorn scowl wants to forbid anything from changing her brow.

“One last shot. And you will get all that you need from me.”

She places a cheap bottle in front of me, just like in the movie I played in my head. Half full, the movie had more, but I’ll assume it got changed during the editing. 

The bottle releases from my hand, up, the head lights flicker quickly, chains rusty, should have been changed yesterday, thin, tired, up, break, lights flicker once more before bringing her world to darkness. 

I check her out once more. Still looks good under the extinguished beam. 

I head out to the car. He’s attempting to read the device. 

“You kidding me, kid?”

“This thing still works kind of.”

“Keep it, a nice souvenir to remind you of that scar that will remind you of that souvenir.”

I don’t know where the hell my keys are. I grab the kid’s hand and pull him up. We walk. I don’t even know where anymore. My throat feels dry. The kid has next round.