Since I have been lucky enough as to meet some lovely authors, who have become very good friends, both in Twitter and Facebook, I am going to write sometimes a post devoted to each one of them. First in my series will be author R.S. Guthrie, brilliant writer and good friend, since I just finished reading his second book.

I met Rob in Twitter by mere chance, many months ago. To be honest, I don't even remember how we started to follow each other, but I am sure it was a Serendipity thing. The fact is that it has been a complete pleasure to talk to him, share things, read what the other had written, and getting to know better such a wonderful person.

When I met him, I knew that he had written his first book, BLACK BEAST, the first in a series of three books with the same main character: detective Bobby Mac, a police officer who has to deal with a lot of horror and mystery things in his life and work. When I read a summary of the plot, I didn't feel very attracted to the story, since I am not really into horror things, but when I saw what he was doing with the proceeds of the selling of his book, I had to buy it. I just couldn't help it.

Rob was going to donate a percentage of his net proceeds to a boy who was suffering from Autism and Down Syndrome. The special school he was attending was very expensive, and Rob was helping his family to pay the fee. I felt so moved. I also wanted to make a difference, just as he does all the time. So I thought that such a compassionate person deserved me to buy his book at least, and maybe even read it. Once I read it, and I have to say that I read it just in one week, I was really glad I had happened to buy the book. It was brilliant!! The story keeps you wanting to know more, making it impossible to put the book down. I remember I stayed quite late reading the book, and looking forward to another free moment to keep on reading. I am not going to review the book here. But he got wonderful reviews that you can check and read in any Amazon website. It is amazing for a first novel from a new author.

And then Rob founded RABMAD (Read A Book, Make A Difference), a space for compassionate authors to meet and make a difference with their writing. It was quite a success, and I think that more than 40 different authors signed in to join RABMAD. What do they do there? Well, very simple. They are authors who care, and who really want to help others. All of them authors support any charity or organization, and they give a percentage of their net proceeds to them. We really must support and help to promote this Indie Authors, since they are doing a lot of good in this selfish world.
Rob has been working on his second book all this time, and at the same time he has been helping other authors to promote their books or blogs. We are lucky to have such a tireless promoter in him. His second book was going to be a sequel to BLACK BEAST, to continue with the Clan of Macaulay's story. We who have read BLACK BEAST are real fans of Bobby Mac, and we were quite looking forward to read the sequel: LOST. This second book was released on 1st January and it has been quite a success till now. I just finished reading it this evening and it is a so fantastic story that keeps you glued to the pages till you reach the ending of the story. Lovers of thriller and horror won't be disappointed. The story has the right pace and it just flows very easily to the ending. Its unexpected twists in the story made me gasp sometimes, both in horror or in surprise. It is a highly recommended reading, really worth of giving it a try.
To know more about R.S. Guthrie, you can either visit his website (, his blog Rob on Writing ( or simply follow him on Twitter (@rsguthrie).

Thanks Rob for sharing with us those fantastic stories you write. Looking forward to the release of DARK PRAIRIES and the third Bobby Mac novel. But above all, thanks for being such a wonderful friend.



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