Next in my series of posts about Brilliant Authors, I will talk about Dawn G. Torrens (@Torrenstp), a great writer and a real sweetheart. I first met Dawn in Twitter, as many other authors and writers, but I felt from the very first time I talked to her that she was different, she was special. And from that very moment, I knew that we were going to be great friends. She is supportive, she is a fantastic writer whose stories you feel that come right from her heart, she is a wonderful friend, she always has a kind word, but, above all, she is one of the best mums that I know. Her motto, "The children first and foremost" is well-known all over the Twitterverse, and that's what she promotes all the time. That idea is very well reflected in her debut novel as an Indie Author, Amelia's Story.

Amelia's Story is Dawn's true story. In the book, which she wrote for her beautiful 3-years-old daughter, she tells about how she survived to a very difficult childhood. It is a really moving and inspiring story, telling about her struggles with a mother who wasn't very caring at all, and her pilgrimage from one orphanage to the other. However, the message is a positive one, since she achieved to survive and build a life by herself. I truly believe that people who have had a difficult childhood look at life under a different light. I know because my childhood was a very hard too. I think that is why I also got very close to her. The fact is that when you survive to a hard childhood, you are more positive, and you are thankful for simple things that the rest of the people seem to take for granted. I was having a hard time in my life when I met Dawn, and she helped me to look at each new day under a positive light, with her cheerfulness, with her sweetness, and with her smiles. Thanks, Dawn, for being such a wonderful friend.

Dawn also writes a blog (, where you can read her reflections and keep updated with her writing. Everything she writes comes from her heart, and you can see a bit of that in the following short story she decided to share with all of us here, in my blog. I asked her if she wanted to write for my blog and she immediately started writing a short story for me. It is a lovely piece of writing, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it.
Some one once told me to always hold on to your dreams no matter how impossible they seem! So I looked through the window, out into the vast world before me, my dream can never be granted I know that now I thought, or could it? Is it asking too much? Is wanting something so badly so wrong even though you know it would never be possible in this life time ? Are you just torturing yourself? I send my thoughts out into the universe, closing my eyes for just a few moments, “Can you hear me?” Nothing but silence is returned, I feel the wind brush across my cheek, touching my face I smile inwardly as I know I was heard! I could almost feel your touch, as if you were right here beside me. I want the world to stop for just a few moments, freeze time and reach out to you. “I miss you so much, I would give anything to see you, to hold you one last time.” Closing my eyes once more I see your face in the corner of my mind, a special place reserved just for you and no-one else.

You are smiling at me in that beautiful knowing way you always did when you were alive, sometimes I feel your presence so close it’s like you are in the room with me, I turn around to look for you, then I remember it can’t be you, it’s just not possible, or is it? It’s been almost four long years since you were taken from me, four long years when my heart was taken with you forever. Hold my heart for it is yours always, no one could ever take your place. I dream of you all the time, I wish I could stop the world and get off just for a moment, pause time when I feel the wind brushing against my cheek, I know it’s you I know you are close, I just wish I could see you one more time.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I knew that touch, I missed that touched, I dared not look around, could my dream have been granted for just a single moment in time? Has the world stopped? I slowly turned around, I took a deep breath as my eyes fell on your beautiful face, I brought my hand up to your cheek and held it there, it feels so real to me, I needed to take in every last touch every last look of you. I looked into your eyes they were smiling at me like they always had when you were alive, I kissed you for the very last time, I held you for the very last time, then as quickly as your apparition came, it disappeared into the universe. My dream had been granted for one single moment in time.



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