Alan was one of the first authors that I got to meet in Twitter when I was starting to tweet more often. I don't even remember how we started talking to each other, but I remember that I felt immediately attracted to the kind of fiction he writes. I love a good thriller (weird in someone in love with Jane Austen? Nah, I don't think so) and when he told me about his book, I knew I had to read it. I decided to buy a copy of his book, Gray Justice, to support his work and because I always feel curious about what Indie authors write about. Till now I have never been disappointed, what it is very good :D

Anyways, thanks to his book we started talking more and more, and he has become one of my dearest friends from Twitter. It is amazing how you can feel close to people you have never seen, but the truth is that, when two people share the same love for writing and books, no matter how many miles exist between them. There is a worldwide bond or link among all of us book-lovers and writers. The fact is that after reading his book, I admired his writing and his cleverness. I like being surrounded by people that can teach me things, people I can learn from and become better in my idea of becoming a writer. He has always being supportive and encouraging, and I am grateful I happened to meet him in the Twitterverse.

So after meeting Alan in Twitter, I decided that I could read his book. Why not?? I have a Kindle and the price was quite good. His book, Gray Justice, is a very clever thriller. From the very beginning you have to love its protagonist, Tom Gray, since his life has not been easy and he is desperately to make a difference to change the world or, at least, certain laws. When I started reading it, I was very surprised. Gray Justice has surprised me quite a lot. When I normally read a thriller, more or less at the middle of the book I start suspecting what the ending is going to be. In this case it was impossible. The quick pace and rhythm of the story keeps on moving and turning in really unexpected ways, making the story so enthralling and making impossible for the reader to put the book aside. It truly is a very interesting story, quite close to the reader since we live through similar stories every day: through the news, TV, and in our cities. A wonderful story of a desolate man who loses his family and chooses to do something to change the world where he lives in. It is no wonder that he has got lots of five-stars reviews from readers and other authors. Amazing for a first novel by an indie author.

Right now, Alan is working on the sequel of his first novel. Personally, I cannot wait to read it, since I really want to know more about Tom Gray and his story. As I said, I love a good thriller (yes, I know, I love Jane Austen, but I read other things apart from that), and if the sequel to Gray Justice is just half as good as the first novel, it will still be worth the effort of reading it. Very well done, Alan! I am really happy of calling you friend. May these lines serve as my humble homage to a great author and better friend.

If you want to know more about Alan and his work, please visit his blog ( or follow him on Twitter (@Jambalian).



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