While I was tweeting today, I saw that some people were tweeting about a very cool giveaway. A Scavenger Hunt! Wow! That sounded really funny, so I decided to follow the links to see what was all about. 

The link I followed (you can find it if you click here) took me to Rebecca Hamilton's website, where she was having this giveaway, based on her first book of The Forever Girl series: Sophia's Journey. It is a book that is getting close to the top of my TBR list of books, so I decided to join the fun and participate in the Scavenger Hunt. The prizes are:

-1 Forever Girl Candle.
-1 signed paperback copy of The Forever Girl.
-And, if they hit 100 entrants, the winner will also receive a $25 Gift Card: Amazon or Barnes and Noble, their choice!

Really, visit her website, explore a bit, and participate in this cool giveaway. If you leave any comment, please, let her know I sent you there ;)