I have to say that the Twitter is a wonderful place to meet amazing people. I have been lucky enough to meet fantastic and great fellow writers, people who have encouraged me a lot to write, and people who even like what I write! O_O I am joking. Thanks to lots of those amazing writers in the Twitterverse, now I feel confident about my writing and I think it is not that bad :D

Some time ago I heard in the Twitterverse that there were two brothers (Sean and Daniel) writing a novel in just 90 days. My first thought was "they must be crazy", but very soon my natural curiosity drew me to follow them and know more about that strange challenge they had decided to give a try to. They hooked me with their progress, and I have to admit that I am truly impressed at the determination they have to fulfill the challenge. Today it is day 45 of their challenge, so they are halfway there. I invited them (via Sean) to guest post in my blog, so more people could know about their progress so far and about their challenge in general.

Now I leave you with the words Sean wrote so kindly for my blog. Enjoy!

Hello! I'm Sean, half of the writing duo behind 90daysnovel.com

Before I start blathering on about us, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Cinta for hosting us. We've never done a guest post on a blog before, so this is all new to us. 

Cinta asked us to talk about the challenge we've set ourselves. It all started on St Patrick's Day, when we were debating a new challenge to approach, and somehow we thought it would be a great idea to try writing a book.

Neither of us has ever written fiction before. Period. Never so much as a short story. 

So our challenge was to take two complete novices, and, in 90 days, plan a novel, write it, edit it multiple times, proof it, and publish it in as a professional manner as we could. 

We chose to write a crime novel because that's our favourite genre to read. I am a Barrister by training so I'm very familiar with the law, and how the police investigate (Dan is an aspirant chef for anyone interested!). We wanted to come up with a novel storyline - something new, which is never easy.

Synopsis - In 'Dead on Demand', our main character Edwin Murphy is a self made man who is experiencing some major difficulties. His wife Eleanor is leaving him and is planning on taking their only child abroad, leaving Edwin penniless and alone in London. In a desperate bid to regain his former lifestyle, he decides that she must die. With her out of the picture, he would regain his home, his daughter, and not have to worry about his finances.

The problem is, Edwin isn't a macho man. He's never killed anyone before, and probably couldn't if he tried.  So he devises a plan to swap murders with someone else. He'll agree to kill their victim if they agree to kill his. The story follows Edwin as he tries to go through with his plan, and the events that unfold as a result. There may not be a perfect crime, but reasonable doubt isn't out of his reach.

We also commissioned a very talented young artist to create a cover for us, which I hope you all enjoy.

I've probably rambled on a bit, and I know you guys will want to get back to the lovely Cinta, so I'll leave you with a 7 line extract to try and pique your interest.

"With suspicion clouding her judgement, it was often hard to be sufficiently empathetic.

The news clearly came as a shock. Mrs Sugden just that there, silent. A tear rolled down her cheek.

It was her sister who broke the silence.

"How did Peter die?"

Hayley paused. It was an odd situation. She had dealt with murder victims, accidental deaths and even cot deaths in the past. Death by self defence was not in her repertoire of expertise.

"He drowned in the river Thames. I'm ever so sorry." It was the truth. The widow didn't need to know the specifics of how he ended up in the river."

If you'd like to find out more, feel free to drop by our blog or tweet us @90daysnovel - the book will be on Amazon as soon as it's up to par.

Thank you, Sean, for accepting being my guest in my little blog. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Follow them and stay in tune to know more about their progress and the end of their amazing challenge. I have been lucky enough to get an early version of the book, so I will read it as soon as possible since I really think it is the kind of book I will love reading. Amazing for a debut novel, isn't it?