It is here! It is finally here! Were you waiting for it? The third part of my blog swap with fantastic writer D.e.e.L (@Deeliopunk in Twitter, for all of you who don't know yet; follow him, now). It is being real fun to write these stories, so I am afraid that you will be reading more from the two of us :D
Oh, so you are new to my blog? Sorry, I didn't realise... What? You don't know what I am talking about? Oh, shame on you! I have been blog swapping with good friend and amazing writer D.e.e.L and we have written a very funny story, well, two stories actually. Same characters, same plot points, same character traits, but we came up with two completely different stories. Check our previous stories here and here so you can know what we are talking about, and so you can read our 3rd installment and enjoy it. Here in my blog you can read his part of the story, and you will find my stories in his blog.
Enough! Now I leave you with this treat that is D.e.e.L's third part of our Groovy Cool Story. Please, show your love in comment form. We love comments!!

                      Unknown Band 3

          Groovierestery Coolierestery Storierestery

                        By: D.e.e.L

This shack of an existence, these walls restraining all the workers within from their dreams. I open the door and let the two girls walk in first. 

“Alright, let’s practice!”

“Don’t get so enthused; people are already up on the stage. We will have to wait.”

“Nonsense, nonsense! Off the stage now you three!”

A stranger brushes the stage clean of the wannabes that made it to the stage before us.

“Slappy McDeen, so nice to see you again!”

“Excuse me? I don’t believe we’ve met…”

“Oh, but we have! It is okay, you will remember me over time.”

He winks at me as he flings down a yo-yo only to return it to his hand and repeat. He doesn’t look familiar, but the way he is acting is giving me chills. I pull the collar of my coat up around my neck. 

“So, are you going to introduce me to this band of misfits you seem to have here?”

“We’re Killer Tickler and Friends!”

I snarl. That name needs some work. I respond quickly after Janine and rephrase her reply.

“We’re, nothing yet, just a few unknowns trying to make something happen…”

“An unknown band, eh? Very well then. Well let’s see what you unknowns can do up there!”

The boy was carving words into his notebook as we were all talking with the stranger endlessly playing with his yo-yo. 

“Here you go Janine. Try singing this up on the stage.”

“Thank you, William. Come on KT! Let’s get on the stage and play! Mike, you too!”

“Slappy, I don’t know about this, that Janine girl seems way too excited.”

“Just get up there, kid.”

The band assembles up on the stage as the boy and I grab a table to sit at and hope the sounds soon to come don’t make our ear drums turn red. 

“Boy, get up there.”

“What? You said I can’t play the guitar, I’m not going up there just so you can throw chairs at me.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to play guitar, you’re terrible at it. I want you to try hitting those drums up there. Just do something simple, make a back beat.”

“I don’t even know what…”

“Shut it, do it.”


The worthless hands of the boy pick up the sticks sitting on the chair behind the drum set. He waves to Janine and starts to create a beat. Mike looks over to him and begins bobbing his head, KT’s fingers begin racing up and down the strings of her guitar, and then she begins…

“Moments deluding, my heart protruding, seconds falling to past, my mind now a cast, surrounding my wounds, mortal is my soul, time of the essence, deep into my meaning, becomes this time bleeding…”

Boy actually wrote something worth a damn. I nod my head as they continue. The strange man with the yo-yo takes a seat beside me and begins doing something that causes my mind to dig deep into my past. His left hand still letting the yo-yo fall to the floor and return to his hand, while he shoves his right hand into a jar of mayonnaise and begins eating it. 

“Would you like some, Slappy?”

“No…no thanks…”

“You used to always love doing this with me, you sure?”

I get up from my seat and look at him with questioned eyes. I leave the room and head into the bathroom to splash water into my face, redo my make-up. What is going on?

“What’s your name!!”

“Falcon. Take a seat, is something wrong?”

The name isn’t of a familiar taste. 

“Your friend playing the bass doesn’t seem content with your leaving during their show.”

“I don’t care about him! What are you doing? Why have you come here?!”

My voice raises above the vocals of Janine singing the boy’s poetic tongue. My breathing becomes hard, harder, my eyes straining, who, how, how….how…


He grabs my right shoulder.

“Get off of me, kid!!”

I shove the kid to the floor as my mind is traveling my entire existence in thought. 

“McDeen, you are acting quite odd. Why don’t you take a seat?”

The yo-yo still falling to the ground, back up, down, up, down, up…my mind stares as it keep repeating itself. Then…the lights go out. 

What? Where am I? 

“Slappy, we have something for you…”

“Is it a new toy, Daddy?”

“Not quite, but you will love it even more.”

“Oh, Mommy I can’t wait! What is it?”

“Your Father’s machine has finally worked, and we want the first friend to be yours.”

“Hi, Slappy! My name is Mr. Poodles!”

“Oh, I love it! Thank you, Daddy! Thank you!”

“Hug me, Slappy!”

“Oh, of course I will! And he’s red! My favorite color!”

“Our son is so adorable isn’t he.”

“He gets it from you…”

The light…

“Slappy, wake up, you alright? I kind of…my bad…”

“What the whoopee cushion happened to me?”

“Mike got revenge for me.”


“You pushed me, so…I grabbed a chair…”

“Son of a ring master…my arm hurts like hell…”

“Yea, looks broken.”

“Thanks Tickler, I kind of figured that one…you’re going to get then hand-buzzer for this one, kid.”

“I won’t be expecting it at all.”

“I know you won’t. Now get me up.”

He walks over to us.

“Well, that was quite the show you two put on. Now are you all going to get back up on stage and play us some more music?”

“It’s you isn’t it…”


“It’s you…Mr.Poodles…”

“I’m afraid I don’t have the slightest clue as you what you are talking about.”

“Stop playing games with my mind! And stop playing with that damn yo-yo!”

I rip the toy from his left hand. 


Just as the toy leaves his hand his skin begins to fall away to the floor, as if he is deflating. The mortal looking flesh lay upon the ground as a frail looking, dwindling, gasping for helium creature looks up into my eyes. 

“Well done, Slappy. You always were good at solving mysteries *cough*, you remember when we used to solve them together?”

“You’re….you’re dead…I…I killed you!!!”

“No…no you didn’t…you killed the balloon animal I made to look like me. Mr.Pickles…I hated him anyway.”

“You…you lead the revolt against my father, my mother even! You pathetic piece of latex!”

“Such harsh words for your dear old friend, Slappy.”

“You’re no friend of mine…”

“*cough* *cough* Very well then…perhaps I should take my leave then…”

“Like hell you will. Before I kill you, tell me…how you managed to live this long.”

“Seems I face an inevitable fate. Due to our past friendship, and what I have caused you to become, I will answer to your request. After I killed your parents, and destroyed the remainders of my own, I didn’t quite feel like facing a fate as so many of the other balloon animals had. A pin prick, a day in the sun, the slow decrease of air, it all didn’t quite fit my fancy. So I searched for methods to keep me inflated, alive, thriving. I found myself groveling at the feet of an old gypsy woman, about to pass into the next world herself. She *cough* she gave me that yo-yo, and *cough* as long as it falls and returns to my hand I appear as you, human, full of life, without any of my previous limitations. But I guess that yo-yo can’t save me now, can it?”

“Not a chance.”

I pull the pin out from the flower on my lapel, the flower falls to the floor just as I see him making a last chance dive at his yo-yo. I flick the pin from between my fingers. 

Deflated lies my best friend. Worst enemy. The reason this world tastes so bitter upon my tongue, the reason I spend each day looking for the sweet taste of life once more. 



07/06/2012 1:37am

I really like this. A macabre and transfixing story.

07/11/2012 2:26pm

Thanks, Richard


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