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Yesterday morning I opened my e-mail and I found some messages. One of them was a new blog post in Trish Gentry's blog ChickletsLit. I started reading her post, so I knew she had been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award for the amazing contents in her blog. I went on reading and I was very surprised when I saw my name among the bloggers she was nominating to get this award as well. I felt honoured and humbled for being included in such a wonderful list of amazing authors and most of them very good friends and lovely people. I also saw a name I don't like at all... ehem... but I am feeling too happy as to bother about that.

So thank you, Trish!! Your blog is one of my favourite ones, since your blog seems to be a miscellany of things, just like mine :D Suscribe to her blog and follow her in Twitter. You won't regret that. As a friend of mine would say, this award comes with homework, so let me get into it now :D

When given the Award you are to, in turn, nominate and award fifteen blogs/bloggers the Versatile Blogger Award in addition to revealing seven things about yourself. However, I will cheat a bit here and I will nominate only 10 blogs. Sorry, but they are my favourite ones. I don't follow so many blogs as to have 15 favourite blogs that everybody should read.

Seven Things You May Not Already Know About Me:

1. I am useless with computers, so I am very happy that I managed to create not only this blog, but a second one!! And I survived to tell it :P

2. I have a BA in English and Literature (especially British, Irish, Canadian, Afro-American, Feminist, and Dystopian literature). I started my studies to get a PhD in Jane Austen, but I had to give up when my mum got sick. However, I still research about her and write articles about Jane Austen.

3. I learned to read at the age of 5, all by myself, by watching Sesame Street and trying to read "The Wizard of Oz" at the same time. When the characters in Sesame Street taught the different letters, I looked for them in my book, and finally I learned to combine them. That was the first book I read in my life.

4. I wear glasses since I was 14.

5. I am a teacher, but my real vocation, apart from being a writer, is to be a translator. Translating is what I really enjoy doing.

6. I am the youngest in my group of friends, and the only one who is single, so all my friends' kids call me Auntie Cinta and I am the one in charge of the kids when we go out together.

7. I am Spanish, but I have never had a nap. I think they are a waste of time. I prefer spending the nap time writing or reading. Indeed, I feel insulted when people make nap jokes to me just because I am Spanish.

My Ten Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. D.e.e.L. His wonderful blog Deeliopunk is a must read. He is an amazingly talented young writer, and you can enjoy in his blog fantastic stories and beautiful poems. He recently published his first book, a collection of short stories. Really, if you want to read great stories, you should check his book "Blissfire". He also has another blog in Tumblr. Check it out to read incredibly funny and absurd stories. He appears often in my blog too, since we like swapping blogs; we started a series of stories that we like calling our "Groovy Cool Writing Adventure". Follow him in Twitter to stay in tune with more blog swappings with me. I couldn't find a better and funnier writing partner than him :) Sorry, D.e.e.L, but this award comes with homework; however, I won't yell at you if you don't do them :P

2. Robert Zimmermann. I think he is the only one of my friends who lives completely surrounded by books. His love for books is contagious and makes you want to read, read, and read. In his blog A Life Among the Pages, you can read fantastic reviews and lots of other interesting posts about books, his poetry, and his favourite authors. By navigating through his blog, you will also discover that some of his lovely poems have been published in a Poetic website from his area. Check that out, you won't think you have wasted your time. Follow him in Twitter and you will be informed about new books and nice recommendations.

3. Scott MorganIn his blog WriteHook – Write for the Jugular  you can learn a lot about tips and techniques to write better, to improve your skill when creating characters, and lots of other good and valuable writing advice. In his site you can also know about his workshops. See his videos for interesting and enjoyable workshops online. I have found them really useful for my writing. Follow him in Twitter as well.

4.  Scott Bury His blog Written Words is fantastic. You get incredible writing tips and wonderful reviews of books you don't want to miss reading. He also features guest posts by other interesting authors, talking about their views about the writing process. Follow him in Twitter.

5. Dawn G. TorrensYou need to read her blog Dawn's Daily for reading insightful and thoughtful posts about writing, reading, updates about her books coming soon, lovely stories, and great poems. A blog written from the heart that you cannot miss. Follow her in Twitter since she is one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. She encourages writers and her blog does the same.

6. Alan McDermottAlan, in his blog Jambalian, offers writing and marketing tips, as well as interviews, guest posts, and interesting and funny posts. Follow him in his writing process. Follow him in Twitter as well, where he tirelessly promotes other Indie authors.

7. Darren CockleDarren is releasing his first book, "The Life and Death of an Unknown Celebrity", next month and I cannot wait to read it. In his blog you can read thoughtful, beautiful, and funny posts about different topics. You can also read the prologue of his debut book. Follow him in Twitter for updates on the process of publishing his debut novel.

8. Peter GermanyIn his blog, you find different posts, all related in some way to sci-fi books, films, and stories, but mainly you can follow him in his path to becoming a published author. I have been lucky enough as to read some of his stories and he has managed to make me enjoy sci-fi :D Watch out, Asimov! Follow him in Twitter as well, since he is a lovely and funny person.

9. Sean and Daniel CampbellWhat can I say about these two brothers? They have managed to leave me in shock after having written, revised, edited, formatted, published, and marketed their debut novel, "Dead on Demand", in only 46 days!!!! After having read the book, I gave them 5 stars (but I would have given them 11 or 12 if I had been allowed to do that). Follow their blog 90 Days Novel for knowing about new releases, free books, how they managed to write their novel, and for wonderful and useful marketing tips. They are really young, but they seem to understand the Indie industry much better than people who have been publishing books for a long time. Follow them in Twitter too.

10. R.S. GuthrieHis blog, Rob on Writing, is a must-read if you want to be successful with your Indie books. Always useful posts with a satiric touch.

Give a try to the blogs listed in my list and you won't regret it.



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