Yesterday I got a very big and wonderful surprise when my BlackBerry beeped. It was a Twitter mention. I opened it and my mouth hung open when I saw that my very good friend and wonderful author, Rob S. Guthrie (and now I know that the S stands for Samuel LOL) had nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Sure I know it is a symbolic award, but I felt most humbled and honoured, especially coming from such a great writer, and moreover because the rest of nominees are fantastic writers and bloggers. Well, I am not even a published author, and I am quite new in this BlogSphere. So imagine my surprise. When I came back home and could read Rob's post in his blog, I couldn't help myself and my eyes became teary. I was feeling moved, humbled, honoured, and loved all at the same time. Thank you, Rob, you know you are very high in my list of "friends that I love the most".

So now for the Award. It seems that I have to write 10 things about me that people don't know, and then I should nominate six other bloggers. Here are the Top Ten Things everybody can know about me thanks to this Blogger Award:

  1. I collect all kind of things related to Jane Austen and her books: bags, books, pajamas, kitchen things, coasters, tiles, pins, badges....Well, you get the picture, don't you?
  2. I collect recipes and cookery books. I have hundreds. I love cooking!!
  3. I am an adopted child. That is why I loved Dawn Torrens' book, Amelia's Story, so much. We both had hard childhoods, and that is something that makes me feel very close to her. Dawn, as I know you will read this, know that I love you :D
  4. I never read newspapers.
  5. I suffer from Wendy Syndrome. Don't worry, I am not dangerous :D This thing just makes me feel compassionate about others and it makes me feel that I have to do something to make people's lives better. So I am a compulsive helper or something like that.
  6. Although I am Spanish, I hate flamenco and everything related to Spanish typical folclore.
  7. I strongly believe that in a previous life I was British and lived in the Regency period. (Ok, now you can start thinking that I am nuts).
  8. My favourite food is paella.
  9. My favourite drink is beer.
  10. I have never been drunk. I don't even know how it feels to have a hangover.
And now it is the turn of my six nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am still getting to know new blogs and reading a lot of stuff, but I will nominate the blogs I know the best, obviously.  So here are my nominees for the Award (in no particular order since I appreciate them all as good friends and great authors):

  1. Rob S. Guthrie (, because he is a fantastic author, a wonderful friend and his posts are always very interesting. If you want to keep updated about the progress of his books, just visit his blog. He was one of the first authors I met in Twitter and since then he has helped me a lot to be more confident about my writing.
  2. Dawn Torrrens (, because her blog is great, full of moving and heartfelt posts. She is also quite supportive of my blog and my writing, and I really like everything she writes.
  3. Alan McDermott (, because he was the first author I met in Twitter and I love his book, Gray Justice. His blog is also very interesting to read. Quite a supporter of other Indie authors, Alan always has a tweet ready to promote his friends' works.
  4. Darren Cockle (, because he is a new blogger, just like me, but his posts are very enjoyable to read. He is ready to publish a book about his wife's life, illness and death. I have read an excerpt and it is going to be a quite moving and lovely book to read. Keep on with the good job, Darren.
  5. Chris James (, because his controversial posts are always fun to be read and they make you wonder how things would be if they were so different. If you are a sci-fi lover, just check his blog and get to know his work.
  6. Carolyn Crist (, because she is a fellow Austenite, a great friend, and her site is wonderful. She does a very good job promoting Jane Austen and making people be interested in all things Austen. Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing all those things with us, Austen lovers.
All done. There are a lot of more interesting blogs, but I can only pick six of them. This has been fun. I hope you enjoy this post and now that you know more data about me, you can choose if you like me better or worse :P



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