Yesterday night, when I was about to go to bed, my BlackBerry beeped. It was a notification from one of the blogs that I follow. I opened it and I saw that Peter Germany (visit his blog had uploaded a new post. I started reading it, and to my surprise, I saw he had mentioned my blog as worthy of getting this award (yes, I know, all these awards are just symbolic, but anyway they make  me happy, because it means that people enjoy reading my writing and think of me when asked about something worth the effort of reading :D So now I have to follow the rules of this award and write several things.

  1.  Give a thank you to the person who gave you this award and link back to their blog in a blog post.

So, first and foremost, I must thank Peter for having been so kind as to thinking that my blog deserves such an award. Awesome Blog Content.... wow, I am so happy that people enjoy what I write, even though I don't write just about one single thing. I like writing about different things. You should visit and follow Peter's blog if you want to keep updated about his writing and his musings. Really worth the visit.
2.    Use one word from each letter of the alphabet to describe yourself.

A - Attentive

B - Blogger

C - Caring

D - Dynamic

E - Eloquent

F - Funny

G - Grateful

H - Helpful

I - Imperfect

J - Janeite

K - Kind

L - Loud

M - Miniature

N - Natural

O - Old-fashioned

P - Petite

Q - Quick

R - Romantic

S - Spanish

T - Teacher

U - Unique

V - Voracious

W - Witty

Y - Young

Z - Zealous

3.     Share the love, give the award to the bloggers that you most love.

Bloggers that I love? Well, that is easy... I will just mention three bloggers here, because I think they truly deserve such an award and because, even though I read and follow many other blogs and all of them are interesting and are written by very talented people, these three bloggers are the ones I love the most.

First of all, I will give this award to Rob Guthrie (, because it is always worth the visit. He writes about very diverse and interesting things in his very particular style. He is a really talented writer and the best person I have ever met before. I am very honoured of being called his friend, and his blog is really funny to read. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Moreover, he has agreed to swap blogs with me next February 14th, and that is going to be fantastic. Don't miss it!!

Second in my list of favourite bloggers is Dawn Torrens ( She is a really inspiring and moving writer, who uses her blog to keep people updated about her novels, and also to write about things that come deep from her heart. It is really delightful reading her musings, and she recently guest posted in my own blog with a lovely short story. She deserves this award because you never get disappointed after reading her blog.

The third one is Alan McDermott (, whose blog is very diverse too, featuring interviews with other authors and talking about his novel and sequel, coming soon. He is a very talented writer who has very clear views about what the process of writing is about. Really worth to be read.

And that's all. Thanks again to Peter for giving me this Award. It is real fun be writing my blog, and it makes my days when I see that people visit, read and comment under my posts. After all, what is a writer without readers? Nothing.



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