Oh, hello! Nice to see you here! Does that mean that I haven't started boring people yet with my ramblings about other authors? Good, good... I am really glad you are here today because I am putting on the spotlight a very special person: Dan Leicht. Most of you will find the name D.e.e.L more familiar to you, since that's the name he writes under. Author of "Blissfire, A Story Collection", an incredibly beautiful collection of short stories, if you read any of his stories you will be hooked forever. You don't believe me? I dare you to try :) But let's see why Dan is an author that I love.

Have you ever been friends to someone that you get along so well that, no matter how hard you try to, you can't even remember how your friendship started? Yes? Great! Then you know how I feel about Dan. I met him on Twitter soon after I started to be more involved in the Indie world of publishing, but that's all I can remember. I had read one of his funny stories and he automatically became one of my favourite writers. I don't even know who started following who, but does it really matter? Not at all. The only important thing is that I had met an extraordinary writer, a good friend, a better person, and an amazing writing partner who is even crazier about writing than myself.

Dan is a compulsive writer (but, please, don't take him to rehab; I don't know what I would do if I had to look for another writing buddy :P). That's one of the reasons why I love him as a writer, since his enthusiasm towards writing is so infectious that it makes me want to write all the time too. It is incredible how fast he can develop a story with a couple of simple prompts, but of course, he is incredibly talented.

Apart from being a writer, Dan is, above all, a poet. A great poet. An extraordinary poet. He made me read poetry, and that's not easy to achieve since I am not a real fan of poetry. However, his poems are a delight to read. So, being a poet at heart, even his fiction sounds poetic. Hell! Even his college essays sound poetic! Poetry runs through his veins, so when he pours his heart in his stories, you can feel the poetic undertone that makes you feel unable to stop reading. At the same time, his stories are so relatable to situations in real life that it is easy both to follow them and like them. Every person can find a character relatable at some point.

Then, where can you all find him and enjoy his wonderful writing? Just stay with me a bit longer and you will find out.

"Blissfire" is Dan's first story collection. Originally published as a paperback, now you can also find the ebook version on Amazon. I opened this book when I finally got it in the mail and I couldn't close it until I had reached the ending. Yes, it is so good. For more about the stories, you can read my full review here. These are the purchase links, just in case you may be interested, and while you are there, why don't you give him a like and some tags? They would be much appreciated.

Paperback edition: 

Amazon (US): http://www.amazon.com/Blissfire-ebook/dp/B00A97JFRS

Amazon (UK): 

He has two blogs where he posts his poetry and a series of funny and absurdist stories that will make your day. Indeed, the first story I read written by Dan was one of his Hank Saga stories in his Tumblr blog. They are so funny that it is impossible to read them with a straight face. Some time later, we thought of doing a blog swap, and that's how our collaboration as writers started, since we decided to write a serialised story in our blogs. That's how "Groovy Cool Adventures" was born. We have already written 6 installments and planning to write more.

Apart from his blogs, you can also find Dan on Twitter and on our website. Yeah! I said OUR website. I was so lucky that not only had the chance of writing a series of stories with him, but he also suggested we should have a joint website to keep people updated about our writing, books, and other things. So we created the logo "Groovy Cool Writers" (yes, that's our official name... yes... you don't believe me? We have coffee mugs to prove it :P).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deeliopunk
Wordpress: http://deeliopunk.wordpress.com/
Tumblr: http://deeliopunk.tumblr.com/
Website: http://groovycoolwriters.wix.com/groovycoolwriters

To sum up, I love Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) as an author because he is so talented and so enthusiastic about the written word that it is impossible not to feel the same. Because his poetic voice is so powerful that never fails to move you. Because his stories are great. And what the heck! Because he is my writing partner :D

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep on reading!

My third author featured this month is the lovely Dawn Torrens, the sweetest woman I have ever met, positive and strong as hell,  a wonderful friend, a mother above all, and a real sister to me. She was the third author I met on Twitter, so she is another member of "the Originals" (being the last member myself :D). Tirelessly promoting other fellow authors, I thought she deserved a space in my blog series. Oh, a funny fact: Dawn is the creator of the term Tweetheart, which I also adopted later on :P And she truly is a Tweetheart.

What I love about her, apart from her beautiful personality, is the honesty in her writing, the power in her words, the feelings she is able to convey just by reading a couple of pages. Both her books in which she tells about her own journey from a very hard childhood to the woman she is today have been very well received by readers everywhere. She has a special sensitivity, so no wonder she also published a collection of poems in which she poured her heart out. But let's see more about her books little by little.

In Amelia's Story we have a detailed account of the protagonist's early childhood and teenage years. It is quite an emotional read that doesn't fail to elicit an emotive response in the reader. Knowing that this book is a memoir makes of it even more special, since we know more about the author's background. Amelia's childhood wasn't a bed of roses, but the book is written so honestly and with such positivity about the future that it is impossible not to feel for the protagonist. But I don't want to spoil things. You can read my full review here.

Amelia's Destiny is the sequel to Amelia's Story, and we follow her adventures since her teenage years until the woman she is today. This book is such an emotional ride that I found myself weeping while reading it. However, I couldn't stop reading it, and I read it in just one afternoon. Here is my full review.

Heart and Mind is a collection of poems that is also in my list of books to be read. However, having read some of the poems on Dawn's website, I am sure that it will be quite a lovely and emotional read.

And that's it why I love Dawn so much as an author. Because her writing is honest and comes straight from the heart. Because she doesn't hesitate to pour her heart out in every line. Because her writing is so full of power and positive energies that it is a pleasure to read.

And now for the links where you can find her:

Blog: http://dawnsdaily.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Torrenstp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torrenstp?fref=ts
Amazon Author Page: 
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5370126.D_G_Torrens

I hope you enjoyed this post and give Dawn's books a try. It is really worth the effort.

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Welcome to Day 2 in my December blog series. Today I am happy to introduce you another exceptional writer and friend. Alan McDermott was the very first Indie author that I met and it was him who made me be totally involved in this difficult but rewarding crazy Indie world. So I have a lot to thank him for. A member of "the Originals", I know I can always count on him, as I hope he knows he can count on me too. He is really supportive of other Indie authors and it is easy to see him both on Twitter and Facebook promoting fellow writers.

So, why I love Alan McDermott as an author? Well, because he writes amazing thrillers that will keep you glued to your chair until you finish reading them. His hero, Tom Gray, is one to remember; a character that is easily likable since we all can understand his reasons to his actions very well. Tom Gray is a very realistic character, if you know what I mean, so it is easy to feel close to his story.

Both books in the Tom Gray trilogy that have been published so far are gripping thrillers with a very fast pace. With a certain military tone, they show that Alan has done tons of research, but at the same time they are easy to read and to follow. The plots are clever, enjoyable, and will make you feel hooked since the start of the book.

Let's talk about the books individually now.

Gray Justice was the first book published by Alan McDermott, in which we get to know Tom Gray, his main character. Tom Gray has lost his family, and the man responsible for his family death is out in the streets due to the bad practice of lawyers and the justice system in UK. Tom will figure out a way to take revenge and try to change things. But everything will get more and more complex as other things are thrown in his path. You can read my full review of this awesome thriller here.

Gray Resurrection is the second book in the Tom Gray Trilogy, and it is as exciting, gripping, thrilling, amazing, and a lot more than the first one. After everything that happened in the first book, Tom Gray is in big danger; he is in so much danger that he has to be hidden, and we are not talking just about location... Lots of action in this book that will keep you reading and reading, forgetting about the time, forgetting about any other thing that you should be doing at that moment. But if you want to know more, read the book :P Until then, you can read my review here.

And now I am truly looking forward to read the final installment of this trilogy. I really cannot wait! I am sure it will provide the perfect ending for such a gripping thriller. Now you know why I love Alan McDermott as an author. Oh, sorry! Are you wondering where you can find him and his books? Here you have all kind of links: 

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4455366.Alan_McDermott
Blog: http://jambalian.blogspot.com.es/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jambalian
Amazon Author page (with all his books available): http://www.amazon.com/Alan-McDermott/e/B0061QKMSC/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1354463565&sr=8-2-ent

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please, leave comments and keep on reading!

Welcome to my new blog series! I will talk about why I love a series of authors who, most of them, are also dear friends to me. 

When I started thinking about this blog posts, I had no doubts about who was going to be the first one to be put on the spotlight: Rob S. Guthrie. Why? Because Rob is not only an extraordinary writer, but also a wonderful person. Indeed, he is one of the most generous persons I have ever met. I am grateful for that, since it was through one of his generosity acts that I happened to meet him. And since then he occupies and will always occupy a very special place in my heart.

But let's see why I love his books. Rob writes thrillers, some of them with a supernatural, horror touch that makes of them very exciting reads. His thrillers are fast-paced and keep you hooked since you start reading. The characters seem quite real, what is something quite good to find, taking into account that I have read lots of books with rather flat characters. The prose is quite good and you feel that every word has been carefully chosen, caressed, and finally put on the pages. That's why I enjoy reading his books, and that's why I cannot recommend more that you read his books.

Now, let's see a bit more about every individual book and where you can find them.

Black Beast was his first book on the Bobby Mac series, and it was the first book by Rob that I read. Indeed, that's how I met him. I had just started using Twitter to meet other writers and readers, and Rob was the second writer I met on Twitter. Another writer had recommended me his book, and when I saw that he was offering the profits of his sales to a family who had problems to pay for the school fee for their autistic son, I bought the book, and I fell in love with his writing. Bobby Mac had won a fan forever. Black Beast is a thriller with a supernatural twist that will keep you reading non-stop, so make sure you don't have important things to do before starting reading it. To read my review of this book, click here

Lost is the second book in the Bobby Mac series, and if the first book was very good, this one is excellent. Even more gripping, and including more horror elements, it is a book that you shouldn't miss. Everything I have to say about this great book is in my review. Click here to read it.

This book was quite a discovery. Rob calls it his "magnum opus", and it really is. It is one of the best books I have read this year so far, and it was so interesting, well-crafted, and gripping that I read it in just one afternoon. I simply couldn't stop reading! This book doesn't belong to the Bobby Mac series, and it follows Sheriff Pruett adventures while he tries to know how his life was reduced to crumbles and why. If you want to know more about this book, please read my review here.

So now you know more about why I love Rob S. Guthrie so much, both as a writer and as a dear friend. Just bear with me for a little longer, and you will know how you can know more about Rob and how you can follow him around the cyberworld and buy his amazing books.

Website: http://demo.rsguthrie.com/
Blog: http://robonwriting.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rsguthrie
FB Author page: https://www.facebook.com/rsguthriebooks?fref=ts
Amazon Author page (with all his books available): http://www.amazon.com/R.S.-Guthrie/e/B00515KG6C/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1354389370&sr=8-2-ent

I hope you give his books a try and I would love to hear from all of you about what you think after reading them.

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